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Page Range
Adobe PDF
001-760 The entire catalog PDF 13 MB
001–003President’s Message PDF 145 KB
004–006Contents PDF 136 KB
007–009Course Prefix Index PDF 127 KB
010–011Academic Organization PDF 29 KB
012–016ASU Baccalaureate Degrees PDF 182 KB
017–019University Calendar PDF 45 KB
020Frequently Asked Questions PDF 107 KB
021–022Academic Definitions PDF 160 KB
023–032General Information PDF 308 KB
033–044Research Centers PDF 293 KB
045–052Student Services PDF 188 KB
053–058Fees, Deposits, and Other Charges PDF 293 KB
059–061Financial Aid PDF 188 KB
062–064Classification of Courses PDF 275 KB
065–087Undergraduate Enrollment PDF 487 KB
088–091University Graduation Requirements PDF 147 KB
092–093General Studies Intro PDF 29 KB
094–116General Studies Table PDF 1 MB
117–122Minors, Certificates, and Interdisciplinary Studies PDF 213 KB
123–128University College PDF 201 KB
129–133Barrett Honors College PDF 220 KB
134–165College of Architecture and Environmental Design PDF 548 KB
166–191W. P. Carey School of Business PDF 397 KB
192–213College of Education PDF 501 KB
214–273Fulton School of Engineering PDF 976 KB
274–317Katherine K. Herberger College of Fine Arts PDF 659 KB
318–322Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication PDF 169 KB
323–325College of Law PDF 127 KB
326–473College of Liberal Arts and Sciences PDF 2 MB
474–483College of Nursing PDF 197 KB
484–497College of Public Programs PDF 291 KB
498–508Division of Graduate Studies PDF 308 KB
509Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs PDF 82 KB
510–515ASU Graduate Degrees PDF 144 KB
516–517International Programs PDF 153 KB
518Summer Sessions PDF 25 KB
519–520Regents’ Professors PDF 24 KB
521–524ASU Administrative Personnel PDF 97 KB
525Downtown Phoenix Campus PDF 128 MB
526–530East Campus PDF 154 KB
531–538Morrison School of Agribusiness and Resource Management PDF 154 KB
539–566East College PDF 54 KB
567–596College of Technology and Applied Science PDF 509 KB
597East Campus Map PDF 229 KB
598East Campus Directory PDF 45 KB
599–604East Campus Faculty and Academic Professionals
East Campus Administrative Personnel
605Tempe Campus PDF 144 KB
606–611Tempe Campus Directory PDF 257 KB
612–679Tempe Campus Faculty and Academic Professionals PDF 1 MB
680–684Tempe Campus Administrative Personnel PDF 100 KB
685–691West Campus PDF 272 KB
692West Campus Map PDF 184 MB
693–694West Campus Directory PDF 105 KB
695–702West Campus Faculty and Academic Professionals
West Campus Administrative Personnel
PDF 104 KB
703–709College of Extended Education PDF 155 KB
710–711College of Extended Education Faculty and Academic Professionals
College of Extended Education Administrative Personnel
College Extended Education Directory
712–717Accreditation and Affiliation PDF 155 KB
718–756Index PDF 1 MB
757–760Building Abbreviations PDF 141 KB
Inside back coverTempe Campus Map PDF 1.7 MB

Catalog versions. The ASU general and graduate catalogs are the official source of information for programs and requirements of ASU and its colleges, schools, and departments. Each edition of the General Catalog and Graduate Catalog is provided in PDF format when distribution of the printed version begins. Conversion to an HTML format follows. In the PDF version, courses match the printed catalog. In the HTML version, course information comes from a database and is more current.

The electronic site is a work in progress and may not contain complete information. Refer to the printed version, which, in accordance with Arizona public records laws and requirements, serves as the official, permanent record. This document is available for inspection at University Archives.

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