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2006–2007 General PDF Catalog
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Complete Catalog:

001–912 2006–2007 General Catalog PDF 22.5 MB

Discrete Sections:

001–003 President’s Message PDF 278.7 KB
004–006 Table of Contents PDF 219.0 KB
007–012 Course Prefixes PDF 478.5 KB
013–018 ASU Baccalaureate Degrees PDF 287.5 KB
019–021 Academic Organization PDF 214.0 KB
022–024 University Calendar PDF 170.0 KB
025–025 Frequently Asked Questions PDF 262.0 KB
026–027 Academic Definitions PDF 266.9 KB
028–038 General Information PDF 659.1 KB
039–052 Research Centers PDF 490.8 KB
053–058 Fees, Deposits, and Other Charges PDF 479.6 KB
059–061 Financial Aid PDF 427.8 KB
062–064 Classification of Courses PDF 461.2 KB
065–088 Undergraduate Enrollment PDF 667.9 KB
089–092 University Graduation Requirements PDF 277.8 KB
093–095 General Studies PDF 301.3 KB
096–125 General Studies Courses PDF 1.9 MB
126–131 Minors, Certificates, and Interdisciplinary Studies PDF 371.6 KB
132–144 University College PDF 688.9 KB
145–149 The Barrett Honors College PDF 472.4 KB
150–160 Graduate Studies, Division of PDF 420.6 KB
161–162 Intercollegiate Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs PDF 291.9 KB
163–169 ASU Graduate Degrees PDF 282.0 KB
170–171 International Programs PDF 478.7 KB
172–172 Summer Sessions PDF 224.7 KB
173–173 ASU at the Downtown Phoenix Campus PDF 194.0 KB
174–183 Nursing, College of PDF 466.2 KB
184–199 Public Programs, College of PDF 576.5 KB
200–203 ASU at the Polytechnic Campus PDF 364.2 KB
204–205 Student Services PDF 169.2 KB
206–213 Agribusiness and Resource Management, Morrison School of PDF 393.3 KB
214–244 East College PDF 719.0 KB
245–276 Technology and Applied Sciences, College of PDF 751.2 KB
277–277 Map, Polytechnic Campus PDF 247.2 KB
278–278 ASU at the Tempe Campus PDF 215.4 KB
279–287 Student Services PDF 472.0 KB
288–312 Business, W. P. Carey School of PDF 676.3 KB
313–348 Design, College of PDF 737.3 KB
349–370 Education, College of PDF 584.3 KB
371–436 Engineering, Ira A. Fulton School of PDF 1.1 MB
437–490 Fine Arts, the Katherine K. Herberger College of PDF 837.6 KB
491–495 Journalism and Mass Communication, Walter Cronkite School of PDF 385.8 KB
496–498 Law, College of PDF 297.8 KB
499–650 Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of PDF 2.2 MB
651–656 ASU at the West Campus PDF 419.0 KB
657–662 Campus and Student Services PDF 356.7 KB
663–664 The Barrett Honors College PDF 342.9 KB
665–666 University College PDF 301.7 KB
667–676 Global Management and Leadership, School of PDF 404.1 KB
677–695 Human Services, College of PDF 595.9 KB
696–744 Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, New College of PDF 858.7 KB
745–756 Teacher Education and Leadership, College of PDF 493.1 KB
757–757 Map, West Campus PDF 223.3 KB
758–759 President’s and Regents’ Professors PDF 171.8 KB
760–844 Faculty and Academic Professionals PDF 1017.4 KB
845–854 Administrative Personnel PDF 244.1 KB
855–861 Accreditation and Affiliation PDF 305.8 KB
862–897 Index PDF 1.3 MB
898–907 Directory PDF 387.4 KB
908–912 Building Abbreviations PDF 255.3 KB
Inside back cover Tempe Campus Map PDF 3.9MB

Catalog Versions. The ASU general and graduate catalogs are the official source of information for programs and requirements of ASU and its colleges, schools, and departments. Each edition of the General Catalog and Graduate Catalog is provided in PDF format around the time when distribution of the printed version begins. Conversion to an HTML format follows. In the PDF version, courses match the printed catalog. In the HTML version, course information comes from a database and is more current.

The electronic site is a work in progress and may not contain complete information. Refer to the printed version, which, in accordance with Arizona public records laws and requirements, serves as the official, permanent record. This document is available for inspection at University Archives.

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