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2006–2007 Graduate PDF Catalog
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Complete Catalog:

001–592 2006–2007 Graduate Catalog PDF 20.9 MB
Discrete Sections:

001–003 President’s Message PDF 95.2KB
004–006 Table of Contents PDF 92.9KB
007–013 Course Prefixes PDF 239.8KB
014–020 ASU Graduate Degrees PDF 136.8KB
021–021 ASU Graduate Certificates PDF 45.9KB
022–024 Academic Organization PDF 76.4KB
025–028 Division of Graduate Studies Calendar PDF 54.0KB
029–029 Frequently Asked Questions PDF 46.7KB
030–040 General Information PDF 221.5KB
041–054 Research Centers PDF 195.1KB
055–060 Fees, Deposits, and Other Charges PDF 178.7KB
061–061 Financing Graduate Studies PDF 40.2KB
062–064 Classification of Courses PDF 157.1KB
065–070 Graduate Policies and Procedures PDF 247.0KB
081–084 Division of Graduate Studies PDF 74.0KB
085–095 Intercollegiate Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs PDF 234.2KB
096–100 University College PDF 169.5KB
101–101 International Programs PDF 35.6KB
102–102 Summer Sessions PDF 42.9KB
103–103 Downtown Phoenix Campus PDF 75.4KB
104–112 College of Nursing PDF 230.5KB
113–127 College of Public Programs PDF 204.6KB
128–130 Polytechnic Campus PDF 116.1KB
131–135 Morrison School of Agribusiness and Resource Management PDF 113.2KB
136–151 East College PDF 238.8KB
152–169 College of Technology and Applied Sciences PDF 293.9KB
170–170 Polytechnic Campus Map PDF 206.6KB
171–171 Tempe Campus PDF 102.5KB
172–190 W. P. Carey School of Business PDF 312.8KB
191–208 College of Design PDF 202.5KB
209–237 Mary Lou Fulton College of Education PDF 369.7KB
238–275 Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering PDF 546.3KB
276–302 The Katherine K. Herberger College of Fine Arts PDF 376.2KB
303–305 Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication PDF 68.1KB
306–316 Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law PDF 244.8KB
317–413 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences PDF 1.1MB
414–415 West Campus PDF 88.0KB
416–423 Graduate Studies at West Campus PDF 135.8KB
424–427 School of Global Management and Leadership PDF 209.7KB
428–435 College of Human Services PDF 158.3KB
436–437 New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences PDF 56.2KB
438–447 College of Teacher Education and Leadership PDF 144.8KB
448–448 West Campus Map PDF 166.4KB
449–450 President’s and Regents’ Professors PDF 36.6KB
451–535 ASU Faculty and Academic Professionals PDF 842.3KB
536–545 Administrative Personnel PDF 87.8KB
546–552 Accreditation and Affiliation PDF 91.7KB
553–577 Index PDF 921.4KB
578–587 Directory PDF 266.6KB
588–592 Building Abbreviations PDF 110.0KB
Inside back cover Tempe Campus Map PDF 3.9MB

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Catalog versions. The ASU general and graduate catalogs are the official source of information for programs and requirements of ASU and its colleges, schools, and departments. Each edition of the General Catalog and Graduate Catalog is provided in PDF format when distribution of the printed version begins. Conversion to an HTML format follows. In the PDF version, courses match the printed catalog. In the HTML version, course information comes from a database and is more current.

The electronic site is a work in progress and may not contain complete information. Refer to the printed version, which, in accordance with Arizona public records laws and requirements, serves as the official, permanent record. This document is available for inspection at University Archives.

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