Dance History (DAH)

DAH 100 Introduction to Dance. (3) F, S
Orientation to the field of dance focusing on history, styles, cultural, and theatrical aspects of the art form. General Studies: HU.

DAH 190 Introduction to the Dance Profession. (1) F
Orientation to the dance profession introducing career options and university/department resources. Designed for Dance majors.

DAH 300 Focus on Dance. (3) F, S, SS
Specialized study of cultural and theatrical aspects of dance, such as social dance forms, specific genres or historical periods. May be repeated for credit. Lecture, studio. May not be taken for credit by student who has completed DAH 100. General Studies: HU.

DAH 301 Philosophy and Criticism of Dance. (3) F, S
Philosophical issues in dance and dance criticism, with emphasis on written analysis and interpretation. Prerequisite: 1 semester of First-Year Composition. General Studies: L2/HU.

DAH 302 Cross-Cultural Dance Perspectives. (3) F, S
Comparative analysis of dance in diverse cultural contexts. Internet learning environment includes topic presentations, discussion responses, and final research project. Prerequisites: completion of First-Year Composition requirement; junior standing. General Studies: L2/HU, G.

DAH 401 Dance History I. (3) F
Cultural and theatrical development of dance from prehistory through the 19th-century Romantic period, including the early history of ballet. General Studies: HU.

DAH 402 Dance History II. (3) S
Cultural and theatrical development of dance from 19th-century Romantic period through Contemporary times. Includes ballet, modern, and musical theatre dance. General Studies: HU.

DAH 495 Dance Research Sources. (2) F
The investigation of various resources and methods for conducting research in dance. Seminar. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

DAH 496 Senior Thesis Project. (2) S
A culminating research project that integrates dance and a related field of interest. Prerequisite: DAH 495.

DAH 501 Philosophy of Dance. (3) A
Analysis of traditional and contemporary theories of dance with regard to issues of expression, form, and meaning.

DAH 502 Cultural Concepts of Dance. (3) A
Examines the close connection between culture, dance, and movement through writings in cultural theory, dance ethnology, and philosophy.

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