Physical Geography (GPH)

GPH 111 Introduction to Physical Geography. (4) F, S
Spatial and functional relationships among climates, landforms, soils, water, and plants. 3 hours lecture, 3 hours lab. Field trips are required. General Studies: S1/S2.

GPH 210 Society and Environment. (3) F
Examines the interaction between social processes, key environmental issues and nature’s role as a resource at global and regional scales. General Studies: G.

GPH 211 Landform Processes. (3) S
Geographic characteristics of landforms and earth-surface processes, emphasizing erosion, transportation, deposition, and implications for human management of the environment. Prerequisite: GPH 111. General Studies: L1.

GPH 212 Introduction to Meteorology I. (3) F
Fundamentals of weather and climate, including basic atmospheric processes and elements. Students whose curricula require a laboratory course must also register for GPH 214. Prerequisite: GPH 111 or instructor approval. General Studies: S2 (if credit also earned in GPH 214).

GPH 213 Introduction to Meteorology II. (3) S
Fundamentals of meteorological/climatological analysis, including terminology and symbology. Recommended for meteorology/climatology program students. Prerequisite: GPH 212 or instructor approval.

GPH 214 Introduction to Meteorology Laboratory I. (1) F
Introduction to basic meteorological/climatological data and measurements. 3 hours lab. Suggested concurrent enrollment in GPH 212. General Studies: S2 (if credit also earned in GPH 212).

GPH 215 Introduction to Meteorology Laboratory II. (1) S
Fundamentals of Meteorological/climatological map analysis and interpretation. Recommended for meteorology/climatology program students. May be taken concurrently with GPH 213. Prerequisite: GPH 214 or instructor approval.

GPH 271 Maps and Map Reading. (3) S
Map types, uses, limitations and evolution. Communication via paper and digital medium. Navigation, interpretation, projections, sources, symbols, classification, case, handling.

GPH 314 Global Change. (3) F
Response of Earth’s natural systems (atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, biosphere) to past environmental change, and effects of potential future changes.

GPH 371 Cartography. (3) F, S
Philosophy and practical aspects of map production; communications, symbolism, data manipulation, presentation, decision making, generalization, linework, lettering, digital media employed. Prerequisite: GPH 111.

GPH 372 Air Photo Interpretation. (3) S
Subset, remote sensing, includes: photography, films, aerial geometry, image components, stereoscopy, photogrammetry, ground truthing, interpret physical, cultural, economic, intelligence information. Prerequisite: GPH 211 or any Cultural Geography (GCU) course or instructor approval.

GPH 373 Cartographic Design. (3) F
Advanced design using desktop mapping. Cartographic decision making, qualitative and quantitative symbol design, projections, color. Prerequisites: GPH 371 or instructor approval.

GPH 381 Geography of Natural Resources. (3) A
Nature and distribution of natural resources and the problems and principles associated with their use.

GPH 401 Topics in Physical Geography. (1–3) A
Open to students qualified to pursue independent studies. Field trips may be required. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

GPH 405 Energy and Environment. (3) S
Sources, regulatory and technical controls, distribution, and consequences of the supply and human use of energy. Prerequisite: courses in the physical or life sciences or instructor approval.

GPH 409 Synoptic Meteorology I. (4) F 1999
Diagnostic techniques and synoptic forecasting. Includes techniques of weather analysis, map interpretation, and satellite and radar analysis. Prerequisites: MAT 270; PHY 131, 132.

GPH 410 Synoptic Meteorology II. (4) S
Diagnostic techniques and synoptic forecasting. Includes techniques of weather analysis, map interpretation, and satellite and radar analysis. Prerequisite: GPH 409.

GPH 411 Physical Geography. (3) A
Introduction to physiography and the physical elements of the environment. Open only to students who have not taken GPH 111. Field trips.

GPH 412 Physical Climatology. (3) A
Physical processes in the earth-atmosphere system on regional and global scales; concepts and analysis of energy, momentum, and mass balances. Prerequisites: GPH 212 and 213 or instructor approval.

GPH 413 Meteorological Instruments and Measurement. (3) A
Design and operation of ground-base and aerological weather measurement systems. Collection, reduction, storage, retrieval, and analysis of data. Field trips are required. Prerequisites: GPH 212 and 213 or instructor approval.

GPH 414 Climate Change. (3) S
Survey of three climate research areas: paleoclimatology, theories (e.g., greenhouse warming), numerical modeling. Prerequisite: GPH 212 or instructor approval.

GPH 418 Landforms of the Western United States. (3) A
Study landforms and geomorphic processes in the western United States, including lecture, topographical maps, aerial photographs, satellite imagery, and field trips. Lecture, critical inquiry, laboratory, field work. Prerequisites: GPH 211 (or equivalent); completion of L1 class. General Studies: L2.

GPH 422 Plant Geography. (3) N
Plant communities of the world and their interpretation, emphasizing North American plant associations. Cross-listed as PLB 422. Credit is allowed for only GPH 422 or PLB 422. Prerequisite: BIO 182 or GPH 111.

GPH 433 Alpine and Arctic Environments. (3) N
Regional study of advantages and limitations of the natural environment upon present and future problems involving resource distribution, human activities, and regional and interregional adjustments. Field trips are required. Prerequisite: GPH 111 or instructor approval. General Studies: G.

GPH 471 Geographic Information Systems. (3) F, S
GIS as a basis for microcomputer spatial analysis and synthesis. Includes digitizing, database organization, spatial retrieval, and graphics. Prerequisite: instructor approval. General Studies: N3.

GPH 474 Dynamic Meteorology I. (3) F
Large-scale atmospheric motion, kinematics, Newton’s laws, wind equation, baroclinics, vorticity, and the midlatitude depression. Prerequisites: GPH 213, 215; MAT 271; PHY 131, 132.

GPH 475 Dynamic Meteorology II. (3) S
Topics in climate dynamics. General circulation, numerical modeling, teleconnection phenomena, and surface-atmosphere interaction. Prerequisite: GPH 474 or instructor approval.

GPH 481 Environmental Geography. (3) A
Problems of environmental quality, including uses of spatial analysis, research design, and field work in urban and rural systems. Field trips are required. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

GPH 491 Geographic Field Methods. (6) S, SS
Field techniques, including use of aerial photos, large-scale maps, and fractional code system of mapping; urban and rural field analysis to be done off campus. Travel fees required. Prerequisites: GCU 102, 121; GPH 111.

GPH 511 Fluvial Processes. (3) A
Geographical aspects of processes of river erosion, transportation, sedimentation: emphasizing spatial characteristics of forces, resistance, landforms, sediment; includes computer applications. Prerequisites: GPH 111 (or GLG 101) and 211 (or GLG 362) or instructor approval.

GPH 533 Snow and Ice. (3) S
Processes, distribution, climatic interactions of snow/ice emphasizing mass balance, snow stratigraphy/metamorphism and glacier/snowpack climatology. Lecture, field work. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

GPH 571 Computer Mapping and Graphics. (3) N
Utilization of the digital computer in analysis and mapping of geographic data. Includes plotting, surficial display, compositing, and graphics. Field trips. Prerequisites: GPH 371; instructor approval.

GPH 575 Geographic Applications of Remote Sensing. (3) N
Use of imaging and nonimaging methods of remote acquisition of data, including satellite sensors, airborne radar, multiband scanning, conventional photographic sensors, and ground-based equipment. Field trips are required. Prerequisites: GCU 585 (or GPH 491); GPH 372.

GPH 591 Seminar. (1–3) F, S
Selected topics in physical geography. Field trips may be required.

GPH 599 Thesis. (6) N

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