Legal and Ethical Studies (LES)

LES 305 Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues in Business. (3) F, S
Legal theories, ethical issues, and regulatory climate affecting business policies and decisions.

For students in the College of Business, LES 306 and 307 together or their equivalents are not acceptable in lieu of LES 305.

LES 306 Business Law. (3) A
Legal and ethical aspects of contracts, sales, commercial paper, secured transactions, documents of title, letters of credit, and bank deposits and collections.

LES 307 Business Law. (3) A
Legal and ethical aspects of agency, partnerships, corporations, bankruptcy, antitrust, securities, and other regulations of businesses.

LES 308 Business and Legal Issues in Professional Sports. (3) N
The economic structure of professional sports and application of contract, antitrust, arbitration, and labor laws in the industry. Prerequisites: 2.00 GPA; junior standing.

LES 380 Consumer Perspective of Business Law. (3) F, S
Role of law as it affects society. Case studies are used to present principles that govern business and consumers. Lecture, television. Prerequisites: 2.00 GPA; junior standing.

LES 411 Real Estate Law. (3) A
Legal and ethical aspects of land ownerships, interests, transfer, finance development and regulations of the real estate industry.

LES 532 Negotiation Agreements. (3) F, S
Course develops negotiation competencies to build partnerships and create lasting agreements with internal/external customers, suppliers, work teams, and external constituencies. Lecture and substantial student interaction through team exercises.

LES 579 Legal and Ethical Issues for Business. (3) F, S
Study of legal and ethical components of business decisions; self-regulation and social responsibility as strategies. Prerequisites: ACC 503; FIN 502; MGT 502; MKT 502.

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