Music History/Literature (MHL)

MHL 142 Music Listening. (1) N
Aural perception of a variety of music traditions, genres, forms, and techniques. Prerequisite: Music major.

MHL 201 MacLiteracy for Musicians. (3) F, S, SS
Instruction in basic Macintosh computer literacy, including generic applications and music-specific programs with hands-on experience. Lecture, lab. General Studies: N3.

MHL 341 Music History. (3) F, S
Western music from the Greeks to the present day. Need not be taken in sequence with MHL 342. Prerequisite: MTC 221.

MHL 342 Music History. (3) F, S
See MHL 341. Prerequisite: MTC 221.

MHL 344 Music in World Cultures. (3) S
Examination of the relations among music, dance, theatre, religion, and social status in Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe, and the United States. General Studies: HU, G.

MHL 352 The Evolution of Jazz. (3) N
Origin, development, and styles of jazz music and its exponents. Prerequisite: MTC 223. General Studies: H.

MHL 438 Music in the Classic Era. (3) F 2000
Development of the classic style of the 18th century; major works of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven. Prerequisites: MHL 341, 342; MTC 327. General Studies: H.

MHL 439 Music in the 19th Century. (3) S
European art music after Beethoven. Prerequisites: MHL 341, 342; MTC 327. General Studies: L2, H.

MHL 441 Music of the Baroque Era. (3) F 1999
Works of major composers and stylistic tendencies of the period. Prerequisites: MHL 341, 342; MTC 327. General Studies: L2.

MHL 447 Music Since 1900. (3) F, SS
Survey of the works by major composers and stylistic trends. Prerequisites: MHL 341, 342; MTC 327. General Studies: L2.

MHL 456 History of Opera. (3) S 2001
The development of opera from its creation c. 1600 to present. Emphasis placed on major stylistic developments and representative works. Prerequisites: MHL 341, 342; MTC 222.

MHL 466 North American Indian Music. (3) S 2001
Various styles of Indian music in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Open to Music majors and nonmajors. General Studies: L2/HU, C.

MHL 532 Music Bibliography. (3) F
Major historical and analytical writings; systematic and historical collections of music. Reading knowledge of a foreign language recommended.

MHL 535 Medieval Music. (3) S 2001
Music of Europe in the Middle Ages, Gregorian chant, religious and secular monophony and polyphony to 1400.

MHL 536 Music of the Renaissance. (3) S 2000
Music in Europe, with emphasis on stylistic concepts and changes, c. 1400–1580.

MHL 544 World Music I. (3) F 1999
Music of traditional and folk cultures of Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

MHL 545 World Music II. (3) F 2000
Traditional, folk, and art music of the Pacific, Near East, and Asia.

MHL 547 Topics in American Music. (3) N
Selected topics in the history of music. Composers working in the Americas with emphasis upon music since 1900.

MHL 557 Topics in Symphonic Literature. (3) S 2000
An examination of the evolution of the symphony and symphonic poem from the early classic era through the 19th century, with emphasis on the analysis of selected works.

MHL 564 History of Music Instruments. (3) F 2000
Survey of the history and development of music instruments in traditional, folk, and art cultures.

MHL 566 Area Studies in Ethnomusicology. (3) S
Study of the music of a particular culture, country, or area (e.g., music of Mexico, Latin America, China, Africa). May be repeated for credit.

MHL 568 Introduction to Ethnomusicology. (3) F 1999
Introduction to the theory and methodology of the discipline, including bibliography, fieldwork, transcription, analysis, and organology.

MHL 575 History of Choral Music. (3) F
Major choral works.

MHL 591 Seminar. (1–12) N

MHL 592 Research. (1–12) N

MHL 599 Thesis. (1–12) N

MHL 644 Notation of Polyphonic Music. (3) S 2000
Music notation from the 15th through 17th centuries, including problems of transcription into modern notation.

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