Microelectronics Engineering Technology (UET)

UET 331 Electronic Materials. (3) F
Physical, chemical, electromagnetic, and mechanical properties of electronic materials. Solid-state device characteristics and their material properties. Prerequisites: CHM 113; EET 208; PHY 112, 114.

UET 411 Applied Vacuum Technology. (3) S
Fundamentals, applications, and practical aspects of vacuum systems and their uses in semiconductor fabrication. Prerequisite: UET 331.

UET 415 Electronic Manufacturing Engineering Principles. (3) F, S
Electronic equipment design and fabrication principles and practice. Completion of electronics hardware design project and report. Lecture, lab. With lab fee. Prerequisite: EET senior standing (113 hours).

UET 416 Monolithic Integrated Circuit Devices. (3) F
Physics and electronics of bipolar and MOS devices used in integrated circuits. Prerequisite: UET 331. Corequisite: UET 417.

UET 417 Monolithic Integrated Circuit Laboratory. (2) F
Laboratory practice in the fabrication of integrated circuits. Lab. Prerequisite: UET 331. Corequisite: UET 416.

UET 418 Hybrid Integrated Circuit Technology. (4) S
Layout, fabrication, design, and manufacture of thin and thick film hybrid circuits. Lecture, lab. Prerequisites: EET 310; UET 331.

UET 421 Applied Device Physics. (3) F
Band structures of solids, physics of current carriers in solids, pn junctions, MOS and bipolar transistors. Prerequisite: senior standing in the department.

UET 424 Integrated Circuit Mask Making Technology. (3) F
Fundamentals, applications, and techniques for the fabrication of integrated circuit masks. Prerequisite: UET 331.

UET 426 Software Tools for the Semiconductor Industry. (3) S
Introduction to software tools commonly used in the semiconductor industry, such as SUPREM IV, PSPICE, VIEWLOGIC, and ICED. Cross-listed as CET 426. Credit is allowed for only CET 426 or UET 426. Prerequisite: UET 331.

UET 432 Semiconductor Packaging and Heat Transfer. (3) S
Packaging theory and techniques; hermetic and plastic assembly; thermal management; electrical characteristics and reliability. Prerequisites: ETC 340 and UET 331 or equivalents.

UET 437 Integrated Circuit Testing. (3) S
Principles, techniques, and strategies employed at wafer level and final product testing, both destructive and nondestructive. Prerequisite: UET 416.

UET 485 Digital Testing Techniques I. (3) A
Hardware/software aspects of digital testing technology; systems, board, and logic testing and equipment. Lecture, lab. Cross-listed as CET 485. Credit is allowed for only CET 485 or UET 485. Prerequisites: CET 350; EET 310.

UET 513 VLSI Circuit Design and Layout. (3) F
Techniques and practice for the design and layout of very large-scale integrated (VLSI) circuits. Emphasis on “system on silicon” using tools for computer-aided design layout. Seminar. Prerequisite: UET 416.

UET 516 Semiconductor Process Simulation and Integration. (3) S
Modern IC processes and process integration; design of modern IC processes using SUPREM. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: UET 416.

UET 518 Hybrid IC Technology and Applications. (3) S
Theory, processing, fabrication, and manufacturing of hybrid microelectronics devices and products. Applications. Prerequisite: UET 331 or equivalent or instructor approval.

UET 521 Device Physics. (3) F
Band structure of solids, electron hole-pairs, mobility, lifetime, fermilevel, pn junctions, diodes, and bipolar and MOS transistors. Prerequisite: graduate standing in the department.

UET 532 IC Packaging. (3) S
IC packaging theory and techniques; assembly techniques, material issues; thermal management; electrical performance and reliability. Lecture, lab. Prerequisites: ETC 340 and UET 331 or equivalents.

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