African American Studies (AFR)

AFR 191 First Year Seminar. (1–3) N

AFR 194 Special Topics. (1–4) N

AFR 210 Introduction to African American Studies. (3) F
Examination of the political, historical, and cultural origins of African American studies as an academic discipline. Lecture, discussion. General Studies: C.

AFR 294 Special Topics. (1–4) N

AFR 298 Honors Directed Study. (1–6) N

AFR 394 Special Topics. (1–4) N

AFR 429 African American Studies Theory and Methods. (3) S
Examines social and behavioral science theories and methodological procedures pertaining to African Americans. Prerequisite: senior standing.

AFR 484 Internship. (1–12) N

AFR 490 Field Studies in the Diaspora. (3) S
Introduction to methods and principles of research applied to Black communities within and outside Arizona. Involves working with field officer and faculty. Lecture, field study. Prerequisite: senior standing. Pre- or corequisite: AFR 429.

AFR 492 Honors Directed Study. (1–6) N

AFR 493 Honors Thesis. (1–6) N General Studies: L.

AFR 494 Special Topics. (1–4) N

AFR 497 Honors Colloquium. (1–6) N

AFR 498 Pro-Seminar. (3) S
Topic is selected by instructor in consultation with the student. Designed to integrate and develop research skills. Required for majors. Prerequisite: senior standing. Pre- or corequisite: AFR 429.

AFR 499 Individualized Instruction. (1–3) N

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