American Indian Studies (AIS)

AIS 180 Introduction to American Indian Studies. (3) A
Introduction to the study of American Indian justice issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. Primary topics include sovereignty, law, and culture. General Studies: C.

AIS 194 Special Topics. (1–4) F, S

AIS 280 American Indian Law and Society. (3) F, S
Examines the sovereign status of American Indians and legal relationships between the tribes and the U.S. government. Lecture, studio, televised presentation. General Studies: C.

AIS 294 Special Topics.

AIS 394 Special Topics. (1–4) F, S
(a)American Indian World Views and Philosophies. (3)

AIS 484 Internship.

AIS 494 Special Topics.

AIS 498 Pro-Seminar.

AIS 499 Individualized Instruction.

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