Environmental Analysis and Programming (ANP)

ANP 236 Introduction to Computer Modeling. (3) F, S
Fundamentals of computer operation, geographic information systems, geometric modeling of three-dimensional forms and rendering of light, mathematical modeling of processes using spreadsheets. Lab. Cross-listed as DSC/PUP 236. Credit is allowed for only ANP 236 or DSC 236 or PUP 236. Prerequisite: major in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design. General Studies: CS.

ANP 331 Analysis and Programming. (3) S
Analysis of natural and human environmental determinants as the basis of the programming and design of the built environment. Lecture, studio. Corequisite: ADE 322.

ANP 475 Computer Programming in Architecture. (3) F, S
Computer programming for architectural problems and applications. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: CSE 183 or equivalent.

ANP 477 Computer Applications to Design Problems. (3) F
Examination of generic microcomputer software in solving architectural design problems. Emphasis on the logic of problem formulation. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

ANP 500 Research Methods. (1–12) N

ANP 530 Computer Graphics in Architecture. (3) A
Fundamentals of computer graphics programming in architecture, including graphics hardware, device independent packages, 2- and 3- dimensional transformations, and data structures. 2 hours lecture, 3 hours lab. Prerequisite: ANP 475 or instructor approval.

ANP 561 Architectural Information Processing Systems. (3) A
Applications of information processing systems to architectural problems. Analysis of computing tools with respect to assumptions and theories. Lecture, lab. Prerequisites: graduate standing; instructor approval.

ANP 563 Methods in Architectural Design Computation. (3) S
Concepts and models for research in computer-aided architectural design with an emphasis on computational methods and a system framework. Discussion, lab. Prerequisite: ANP 500 or instructor approval.

ANP 590 RC: Computer Programming and Architecture. (1–12) N

ANP 598 Special Topics. (1–4) N
(a)Computer-Aided Design Methods

ANP 599 Thesis. (1–12) N

ANP 681 Project Development. (3) F 2000
Definition and elaboration of major ideas for implementation in ADE 622 Advanced Architectural Studio IV in relation to contemporary theory and practice. Seminar. Prerequisite: ADE 522.

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