Biochemistry (BCH)

BCH 361 Principles of Biochemistry. (3) F, SS
Structures, properties, and functions of proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, and lipids; the utilization and synthesis of these materials by living systems, and the relationship of these processes to energy production and utilization. Not open to students who have taken BCH 461. Credit is allowed for only BCH 361 or 461. Prerequisite: CHM 231 or 318 or 332.

BCH 367 Elementary Biochemistry Laboratory. (1) F, SS
Qualitative/quantitative analyses of constituents of biological systems, enzyme activity measurements and metabolic studies. 1 hour conference, 3 hours lab. Pre- or corequisite: BCH 361 or instructor approval.

BCH 461 General Biochemistry. (3) F
Structure, chemistry, and metabolism of biomolecules and their role in the biochemical processes of living organisms. Credit is allowed for only BCH 361 or 461. Prerequisites: CHM 318 (or 332) and 341 (or 346) or instructor approval.

BCH 462 General Biochemistry. (3) S
Continuation of BCH 461. Prerequisite: BCH 461 or instructor approval.

BCH 463 Biophysical Chemistry. (3) S
Principles of physical chemistry as applied to biological systems. Prerequisite: CHM 341 or 346.

BCH 464 Biophysical Chemistry Laboratory. (2) F
Introduction to physical methods in modern biochemistry. Prerequisite: BCH 463.

BCH 467 Analytical Biochemistry Laboratory. (3) S
Quantitative analysis, separation and purification of biological molecules. Application of chemical and physical methods to the characterization of biological macromolecules. 1 conference, 1 hour lecture, 5 hours lab. Prerequisite: BCH 461. Corequisite: BCH 462. General Studies: L.

BCH 494 Special Topics. (1–4) N
(a)Topics in Nucleic Acids Biochemistry. (3)
(b)Topics in Protein Biochemistry. (3)

BCH 563 Biophysical Chemistry. (3) N Physical chemistry of macromolecules, especially proteins, nucleic acids, and polysaccharides. Thermodynamics, hydrodynamics, and spectroscopy of and their relation to structure. Prerequisites: BCH 462; CHM 346.

BCH 568 Molecular Mechanisms of Photosynthesis. (3) S
Structure and function of photosynthetic complexes; mechanism of energy conversion in plants, bacteria, and model systems. Cross-listed as PLB 558. Credit is allowed for only BCH 568 or PLB 558. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

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