Business Administration (BUS)

BUS 301 Fundamentals of Management Communication. (3) F, S, SS
Written and oral communication in a management context. Prerequisite: CIS 200. Prerequisite with a grade of “C” or higher: ENG 102. General Studies: L.

BUS 451 Business Research Methods. (3) N
Methods of collecting information pertinent to business problem solving, including design, collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of primary and secondary data. General Studies: L.

BUS 502 Managerial Communication. (1–3) F, S
Analysis of various business problems, situations, and development of appropriate communication strategies. Prerequisite: MGT 502.

BUS 504 Professional Report Writing. (3) A
Preparation and presentation of professional reports.

BUS 507 Business Research Methods. (3) N
Techniques for gathering information for business decision making. Selection, design, and completion of a business-oriented research project.

BUS 591 Seminar. (3) N
Selected managerial communication topics.

BUS 594 Study Conference or Workshop. (3) N

BUS 700 Research Methods. (3) N

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