Counselor Education (CED)

CED 294 Special Topics. (1–3) F, S
(a)Career Development
(b)Foundations of Leadership
(c)Leadership Colloquium

CED 394 Special Topics. (1) F, S
(a)Special Topics in Leadership.
Courses bring together a faculty member with no more than 12 students to discuss and learn about a specific interest or topic. Topics designed to engage students in intellectual dialogue on one of the themes of leadership, diversity, and service/civic responsibility. Pass/fail elective; taught in the classroom of McClintock Residence Hall. Open to freshmen through senior undergraduates; all majors welcome.

CED 484 Internship. (1–12) F, S
(a)Leadership Internship
(b)Leadership Internship and Capstone

CED 493 Honors Thesis. (1–6) F, S

CED 494 Special Topics. (3) F, S
(a)Paraprofessional Training

CED 498 Pro-Seminar. (2) F, S
(a)Resident Assistant Experience

CED 512 Introduction to Helping Relationships and Community Counseling. (3) F, S, SS
Introduction to the skills used in the helping professions and an examination of the settings in which they occur.

CED 522 Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy. (3) F, S, SS
Presentation of major theories of psychological intervention as well as underlying personality theory upon which they are based.

CED 523 Psychological Tests. (3) F, S, SS
Standardized tests in the study of the individual, with emphasis on test score interpretation in counseling.

CED 534 Occupations and Careers. (3) F, S, SS
The world of work, career development, education, and training for occupational entry and mobility.

CED 545 Analysis of the Individual. (3) F, S, SS
Theory and methods commonly used in studying the individual. Observational methods, diagnostic interviews, structured, and semi-structured methods for assessing personality. Pre- or corequisite: CED 523.

CED 567 Group Procedures. (3) F, S, SS
Social psychological factors determining interaction, effectiveness, and morale in small groups. Techniques of observation, assessment, and leadership.

CED 577 Counseling. (3) F, S, SS
Principles and application of counseling with particular emphasis on counseling theories. Prerequisites: CED 512, 534, 545; admission to M.C. or school counselor certification program.

CED 655 Student Development Programs in Higher Education. (3) A
Emerging conceptual models of student development. Overview of student personnel and student affairs programs in community colleges, four-year colleges, and universities. Observation on campuses.

CED 656 The American College Student. (3) S
Provides overview of American college student from demographic, background characteristics and values/attitudes/perspectives. Includes access, persistence, and degree completion. Lecture, group discussion, research projects. Cross-listed as HED 679. Credit is allowed for only CED 656 or HED 679.

CED 672 Marriage and Family Counseling I. (3) F
Introduction to marriage and family counseling theories. Emphasis is on a systems-communication model utilizing cocounseling.

CED 684 Internship in Community Counseling. (3–6) F, S, SS

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