Counseling Psychology (CPY)

CPY 613 Child Counseling. (3) N
Applications of counseling theory in working with children in clinics and elementary schools. Integrated practicum available with instructor approval. Prerequisite: CED 577 or equivalent.

CPY 622 Group Counseling. (3) F, S
Theories and methodologies used in group counseling. Prerequisites: CED 567 and 577 or equivalents.

CPY 634 Organizational Development and Planned Change. (3) N
Organizational/individual dynamics, including theory, analysis, techniques, and consultation/intervention strategies used in organizational development. Field consultation projects. Prerequisites: CED 567 and 577 or equivalents.

CPY 644 Psychology of Careers. (3) S
Advanced career counseling, including theory, research, and practice. Prerequisite: CED 577 or equivalent.

CPY 645 Professional Issues and Ethics. (3) F, S
Ethical, legal, and professional issues of concern to practitioners and researchers functioning in a variety of settings. Prerequisites: CED 512 and 523 or equivalents.

CPY 667 Patterns of Behavior Disorders. (3) A
Etiology and treatment of a variety of psychological problems, particularly those represented in DSM III-R. Prerequisite: CED 577 or equivalent.

CPY 671 Multicultural Counseling. (3) F
Provides awareness of the influence of sociocultural variables on human development and explores implications for counseling minority populations.

CPY 672 Human Diversity: Social Psychological Perspectives. (3) A
Implications for psychological practice of social, psychological, and biological factors in the development of behavioral differences.

CPY 674 Counseling Women. (3) F
Explores women’s development and its implications for counseling. Sexism in mental health, sex differences in diagnosis and psychopathology, and women’s particular treatment needs.

CPY 675 Health and Wellness Counseling. (3) N
Theory, research, and practice in health and wellness counseling. Prerequisite: CED 577.

CPY 677 Advanced Counseling. (3) N
Advanced topics in counseling theory, research, and practice. Prerequisite: CED 577 or equivalent.

CPY 679 History and Systems of Psychology. (3) A
Examination of the development and differentiation of the discipline of psychology from its origins in philosophy to the present.

CPY 701 Science and Practice of Counseling Psychology. (3) F
Directed experiences involving the integration of theory, research, and practice in counseling psychology. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

CPY 702 Research Methods in Counseling Psychology. (3) A
The application of experimental and/or quasi-experimental methods to theory construction and treatment evaluation in counseling psychology. Prerequisite: COE 502 or equivalent.

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