International Business Studies (IBS)

IBS 300 Principles of International Business. (3) F, S, SS
Multidisciplinary analysis of international economic and financial environment. Operations of multinational firms and their interaction with home and host societies. Prerequisite: ECN 112. General Studies: G.

IBS 306 Survey of International Economics. (3) F, S
Survey of international trade issues, commercial policy, trade theory, customs unions, and international monetary topics. Not for Economics majors. Lecture, discussion. Cross-listed as ECN 306. Credit is allowed for only ECN 306 or IBS 306. Prerequisites: ECN 111 or 112; 2.00 ASU GPA; junior standing. General Studies: SB, G.

IBS 394 Special Topics. (3) F, S
(a)Regional Business Environment of Southeast Asia.
Prerequisites: 2.00 ASU GPA; junior standing.

IBS 400 Cultural Factors in International Business. (3) F, S, SS
Cultural role in international business relations; applied principles of cross-cultural communications, negotiations, and management; regional approaches to business relations. Prerequisites: IBS 300, 306 (or ECN 306). General Studies: C, G.

IBS 493 International Honors Thesis. (3) F, S
General Studies: L.

IBS 494 Special Topics. (3) F, S
(a)International Management.
Prerequisite: IBS 300 or MGT 301.
(b)Multinational Management.
(c)Regional Business Environment of Southeast Asia.

IBS 499 Individualized Instruction of International Business. (3) F, S

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