Fall 2001

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS)

BIS 301 Foundations of Interdisciplinary Studies. (3)
fall and spring
Introduces concepts and methods of interdisciplinary study by critically examining anticipated 21st-century workplace and civic trends. Lecture, seminar, discussion. Prerequisites: B.I.S. major; 2.00 GPA.
General Studies: L

BIS 302 Interdisciplinary Principles. (3)
fall and spring
Explores interdisciplinarity and integration as applied to various approaches of human inquiry. Lecture, seminar, discussion. Prerequisite: BIS 301.

BIS 401 Applied Interdisciplinary Studies. (3)
fall and spring
Applies interdisciplinary problem-solving skills in internships, service-learning, or research; may involve individual or group projects combining both concentrations. Prerequisites: BIS 301, 302; prior application.

BIS 402 Senior Seminar. (3)
fall and spring
Capstone course helps students integrate their classroom and experiential learning. Students choose among course topics that address their interests. Lecture, seminar, discussion. Prerequisites: BIS 301, 302. Pre- or corequisite: BIS 401.
General Studies: L

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