Fall 2001

Chicana and Chicano Studies Humanities (CSH)

CSH Note 1. Completion of the First-Year Composition requirement (ENG 101 and 102 [or 105] or ENG 107 and 108 with a grade of “C” or higher) is a prerequisite for all English courses above the 100 level.

CSH Note 2. A term paper or equivalent out-of-class written work is required in all upper-division (300- and 400-level) ENG courses.

CSH 210 Chicana and Chicano Poetry. (3)
Writing seminar on Chicana and Chicano poetics and intensive creative writing workshop. Workshop, seminar.

CSH 220 Chicana and Chicano Cultural Expression. (3)
once a year
Interrelation between economic, social, and political status and forms of artistic expression; i.e., music, dance, drama, literature, and graphic arts.

CSH 310 Chicana and Chicano Folklore. (3)
once a year
Analysis of Chicana and Chicano folk beliefs, traditions, and practices.
General Studies: HU, C

CSH 350 Mexican and Mexican American Artistic Production. (3)
once a year
Overview of Mexican and Mexican American artistic production from colonial times to present; emphasis on religious and folk art.

CSH 351 Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art. (3)
once a year
Intensive analysis of contemporary Chicana and Chicano art movement as appraised within the context of contemporary American art and the art of Mexico.
General Studies: HU, C

CSH 363 Chicana and Chicano Literature. (3)
Development of Chicana and Chicano literature; study of genres and themes; attention to literary antecedents. Cross-listed as ENG 363. Credit is allowed for only CSH 363 or ENG 363. See CSH Notes 1, 2.
General Studies: L/HU, C

CSH 485 Chicana Writers. (3)
once a year
Critical reading of Mexican American women authors; emphasis on contemporary (post-1970) poetry, novels, short stories, and essays.
General Studies: L/HU, C

CSH 498 Pro-Seminar. (3)
once a year
Required course for majors on topic selected by instructor; writing-intensive course related to the development of interdisciplinary research skills.

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