ARCHIVE: Fall 2002
Architectural Administration and Management (AAD)

AAD 494 Special Topics. (1 – 4)
selected semesters

AAD 551 Architectural Management I. (3)
Design delivery, coordination of construction documents, cost estimating, bidding and negotiations, construction observation, and postconstruction services. Lecture, discussion, case studies. Prerequisite: graduate-level standing. Corequisites: ADE 621; ANP 681.

AAD 552 Architectural Management II. (3)
Organizational, human performance, and market influences on architecture firms and projects. Readings, case studies, and analysis of managerial problems and solutions. Lecture, discussion. Prerequisite with a grade of “C” or higher: AAD 551. Corequisite: ADE 622.

AAD 555 Architect as Developer. (3)
once a year
Development building, real estate, construction funding, land acquisition, and the sources for capital. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

AAD 598 Special Topics. (1 – 4)
selected semesters

AAD 599 Thesis. (1 – 12)
fall or spring

AAD 681 Professional Seminar: Capstone. (3)
selected semesters
Examins ethical, political, social, economic, ecological, and cultural issues confronting the practice of architecture. Seminar, readings, case studies.

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Omnibus Courses. For an explanation of additional courses offered but not specifically listed, see “Omnibus Courses.”

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