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Health Services Administration (HSA)

HSA 220 Health Care Organizations. (3)
selected semesters
Overview of United States health care delivery systems; financing, health policy, basic principles of budgeting, cost-benefit analysis, and resource management. Cross-listed as HCR 220. Credit is allowed for only HCR 220 or HSA 220. Prerequisites: both ENG 101 and 102 or only ENG 105.
General Studies: L

HSA 498 Pro-Seminar. (1 – 7)
selected semesters
Topics may include the following:

Health Care Finance. (3)
Health Economics. (3)
Health Service Administration and Policy. (3)
Policy Issues in Health Care. (3)

HSA 502 Health Care Organization. (3)
once a year
Concepts, structures, functions, and values which characterize contemporary health care systems in the United States.

HSA 505 Managerial and Population Epidemiology. (3)
once a year
Quantitative tools to make health care management decisions including biostatistics, epidemiology, and cost-effectiveness analysis. Prerequisite: HSA 561 or a course in basic statistics.

HSA 512 Health Care Economics. (3)
once a year
Economics of production and distribution of health care services, with special emphasis on the impact of regulation, competition, and economic incentives. Prerequisite: HSA 502.

HSA 520 Health Care Organizational Structure and Policy. (3)
once a year
Functional relationships among managerial elements of health care institutions with major focus on hospital governance and policy dynamics. Prerequisite: HSA 502.

HSA 522 Health Care Management Systems. (3)
once a year
Systems concepts, quantitative methods, and information systems applied to management problems in health institutions and community health planning. Prerequisites: HSA 505; QBA 502.

HSA 532 Financial Management of Health Services. (3)
once a year
Acquisition, allocation, and management of financial resources within the health care enterprise. Budgeting, cost analysis, financial planning, and internal controls. Prerequisites: ACC 503; FIN 502; HSA 502.

HSA 540 Health Care Outcomes. (3)
once a year
Project-oriented course on application of efficiency-based methods for the evaluation of the outcomes of health care. Seminar, individual student research. Prerequisite: HSA 512 or enrollment in Ph.D. program.

HSA 542 Health Care Jurisprudence. (3)
once a year
Legal aspects of health care delivery for hospital and health services administration. Legal responsibilities of the hospital administrator and staff. Prerequisites: HSA 505, 520.

HSA 560 Health Services Administration and Policy. (3)
fall and spring
Introduces organizational theory and management of complex organizations within the historical and contemporary contexts of the U.S. public health.

HSA 561 Biostatistics. (3)
Aspects of descriptive statistics and statistical inference most relevant to health issues, including data, rates, and confidence intervals.

HSA 562 Health Care Organization and Systems. (3)
once a year
Functional relationships among managerial elements of health care institutions with major focus on hospital governance and policy dynamics.

HSA 563 Economics for Public Health Management. (3)
Introduces concepts and methods used to direct and understand production and distribution of health care services.

HSA 564 Health Care Finance. (3)
once a year
Overview of the acquisition, allocation, and management of financial resources by health care providers. Focuses on economic, financial, and accounting principles.

HSA 565 Policy Issues in Health Care. (3)
once a year
Current policy issues in health through concepts of access, cost, and quality; issues relating to disease trends and policy formulation.

HSA 566 Basic Principles of Epidemiology. (3)
Basic principles of epidemiology, evaluation of etiology, natural history, intervention therapy, and disease prevention. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: Master of Public Health major or instructor approval.

HSA 571 Managed Care. (3)
selected semesters
Trends in managed care/integrated systems, complexities of balancing objectives (e.g., financial and quality). A two-semester-long marketplace simulation. Prerequisite: HSA 502.

HSA 573 Comparative Health Systems. (3)
once a year
Comparison of health care financing and delivery in industrialized countries; covers insurance, hospital management, and physician payment. Lecture, discussion.

HSA 575 Chronic Care Administration. (3)
selected semesters
Management of long-term care services and facilities, including behavioral health and rehabilitation programs.

HSA 589 Integrative Seminar. (3)
fall, spring, summer
Capstone assessment of current policies, problems, and controversies across the broad spectrum of health services administration. Prerequisites: HSA 505, 520, 522, 532.

HSA 591 Seminar. (1 – 12)
once a year
Topics may include the following:

Behavioral Health. (3)
Cost Containment and Quality Assurance. (3)
Health Care Economic Outcomes. (3)
Health Care Policy. (3)
Managing Physicians. (3)
Topics in Health Services Research. (3)

HSA 593 Applied Project. (3)
fall, spring, summer
Optional on-site experience in advanced development of managerial skills in health services administration and policy. Minimum of 10 weeks. Prerequisites: 18 hours of credit toward program of study; director approval.

HSA 598 Special Topics. (1 – 4)
once a year
Topics may include the following:

Epidemiology. (3)

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Omnibus Courses. For an explanation of additional courses offered but not specifically listed, see “Omnibus Courses.”

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