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Marketing (MKT)

MKT 300 Principles of Marketing. (3)
fall, spring, summer
Role and process of marketing within the society, economy, and business organization. Prerequisite: ECN 112. Pre- or corequisite: SCM 300.

MKT 301 Principles of Advertising. (3)
fall, spring, summer
Advertising as a communications tool in marketing and business management. Survey of market segmentation, creative strategy, media, and effectiveness measures. Prerequisite: MKT 300.

MKT 302 Fundamentals of Marketing Management. (3)
fall, spring, summer
Marketing planning, implementation, and control by organizations, with special emphasis on identifying market opportunities and developing marketing programs. Prerequisite: MKT 300.

MKT 304 Consumer Behavior. (3)
fall, spring, summer
Applies behavioral concepts in the analysis of consumer behavior and the use of behavioral analysis in marketing strategy formulation. Prerequisite: MKT 300.

MKT 310 Principles of Selling. (3)
once a year
Basic principles underlying the selling process and their practical application in the sale of industrial goods, consumer goods, and intangibles. Prerequisite: MKT 300.

MKT 311 Creative Strategy in Marketing. (3)
selected semesters
Discussion, application and evaluation of creative concepts and strategies. Creation of a portfolio addressing distinctive advertising/marketing problems and opportunities. Prerequisites: MKT 301; nonbusiness majors must obtain department approval.

MKT 382 Advertising and Marketing Communication. (3)
fall and spring
Introduction for nonbusiness majors to the communication process within marketing and advertising. Creation and presentation of an ad campaign. Not open to business majors. Prerequisites: junior or senior standing; 2.00 ASU GPA.

MKT 394 Special Topics. (1 – 4)
Topics may include the following:

Applied International Marketing. (1 – 3)
Global Markets. (3)
Marketing and Selling. (3)

MKT 411 Sales Management. (3)
once a year
Applies management concepts to the administration of the sales operation. Prerequisite: MKT 302.

MKT 412 Promotion Management. (3)
once a year
Integrates the promotional activities of the firm, including advertising, personal selling, public relations, and sales promotion. Prerequisite: MKT 302.

MKT 424 Retail Management. (3)
selected semesters
Role of retailing in marketing. Problems and functions of retail managers within various retail institutions. Prerequisite: MKT 300.

MKT 430 Marketing for Service Industries. (3)
once a year
Concepts and strategies for addressing distinctive marketing problems and opportunities in service industries. Current issues and trends in the service sector. Prerequisites: MKT 300, professional program business student.

MKT 434 Business-to-Business Marketing. (3)
once a year
Strategies for marketing products and services to commercial, institutional, and governmental markets. Changing industry and market structures. Prerequisite: MKT 302 or instructor approval.

MKT 435 International Marketing. (3)
once a year
Analyzes marketing strategies developed by international firms to enter foreign markets and to adapt to changing international environments. Prerequisites: MKT 302 (or instructor approval); professional program business student.

MKT 451 Marketing Research. (3)
fall and spring
Integrated treatment of methods of market research and analysis of market factors affecting decisions in the organization. Prerequisites with a grade of “C” or higher: MKT 302; QBA 221.

MKT 460 Strategic Marketing. (3)
fall and spring
Policy formulation and decision making by the marketing executive. Integrates marketing programs and considers contemporary marketing issues. Prerequisite: professional program business student. Prerequisites with a grade of “C” or higher: MKT 302, 304, 451.
General Studies: L

MKT 484 Internship. (3)
fall, spring, summer
Prerequisite with a grade of “B” or higher: MKT 302.

MKT 494 Special Topics. (1 – 4)
fall, spring, summer
Chosen from topics in the marketing and international marketing arenas to include seminars in international marketing in Europe and Asia. Topics may include the following:

Applied International Marketing

MKT 499 Individualized Instruction. (1 – 3)
fall, spring, summer
Topics of special interest chosen by students and agreed to by the departments to do independent studies with a professor acting as a guide.

MKT 502 Marketing Management. (3)
fall, spring, summer
Managing the marketing function; market and environmental analysis; marketing planning, strategy, and control concepts. Development and management of marketing programs. Prerequisite: ECN 502.

MKT 524 Services Marketing. (3)
once a year
Strategies for marketing services emphasizing the distinctive challenges and approaches that make marketing of services different from marketing manufactured goods. Prerequisite: MKT 502 (or its equivalent).

MKT 563 Marketing Strategy. (3)
selected semesters
Planning and control concepts and methods for developing and evaluating strategic policy from a marketing perspective. Prerequisite: MKT 502.

MKT 584 Internship. (3)
fall, spring, summer

MKT 591 Seminar. (1 – 12)
once a year
Offered in conjunction with the M.B.A. program (see M.B.A. program section). Topics may include the following:

Business-to-Business Marketing. (3)
Competitive Strategy for Services. (3)
Consumer Behavior and Market Strategy. (3)
Customer Satisfaction/Service Quality Measurement. (3)
International Marketing. (3)
Marketing in the Information Age. (3)
New Product and Service Development. (3)

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Omnibus Courses. For an explanation of additional courses offered but not specifically listed, see “Omnibus Courses.”

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