Industrial Design (IND)

IND 227 Visual Methods for Problem Solving. (3) F
Introduction to conceptual design activity based on the mind-eye-media feedback loop. Graphic language used to represent conjecture, analysis, synthesis of objects, and their contexts. Seminar, studio. Prerequisite: DSC 122.

IND 228 Imaging and Visualization. (3) S
Design activities stressing graphic language abstraction practiced for presentation. Structure of criticism, including description, interpretation, and evaluation are discussed. Seminar, studio. Prerequisite: IND 227.

IND 242 Materials and Design. (3) F
Materials application in design. Introduction to characteristics and properties of metals and organic materials, including plastics and inorganic materials.

IND 243 Process and Design. (3) S
Influences of industrial processing on design. Introduction to basic materials processing and post-forming processes. Emphasis on appearance enhancement and design constraints of material processing. Prerequisite: IND 242.

IND 260 Industrial Design I. (3) F
Introduction to the method and process of the industrial designer. Determinants necessary in small product design. 1 hour lecture, 2 hours studio. Prerequisite: DSC 122.

IND 261 Industrial Design II. (3) S
Issues of physical form development related to product and design; form development properties of paper, fibers, wood, metal, and plastics. 1 hour lecture, 2 hours studio. Prerequisite: IND 260 or equivalent.

IND 316 20th-Century Design I. (3) F
Modern European and American design from 1900 to 1940. Emphasis on transportation, product, furniture, exhibition, and graphic design. General Studies: HU, H.

IND 317 20th-Century Design II. (3) S
Modern European, Asian, and American design since 1940. Emphasis on transportation, product, furniture, exhibition, and graphic design. General Studies: HU, H.

IND 327 Presentation Graphics. (3) F
Methods for portfolio and professional product presentation using graphic media for information transfer are studied. Aesthetic judgment, organization, and craftsmanship are stressed. Seminar, studio. Prerequisite: IND 228.

IND 354 Principles of Product Design. (3) F
Influences of physical and mechanical concepts in product design; mechanisms, kinematics, and fastening systems. Concepts of analysis for product design. Influences of concepts on aesthetics. Prerequisites: MAT 117; PHY 111.

IND 355 Plastics Design. (3) S
Mold design for part requirements; molded holes; threads; inserts; fastening and joining; decorating; reinforced plastics. Prerequisite: IND 354.

IND 360 Industrial Design III. (5) F
Methods of visual thinking, conceptualization, and ideation related to building skill levels in professional design presentation techniques. 10 hours studio. Prerequisite: department approval.

IND 361 Industrial Design IV. (5) S
Emphasis on developing ideas into a complete functional product, including survey and application of aesthetics, human factors, materials, and manufacturing. 10 hours studio. Prerequisite: IND 360.

IND 460 Design Project I. (5) F
Complete analysis of the product unit as an element of mass production, featuring marketing, technology, human factors, and visual design. Emphasis on professional standards. 10 hours studio. Prerequisites: DSC 484; IND 361.

IND 461 Design Project II. (5) S
Product design, with emphasis in systems interaction. Culmination of design process and technique. Individual project direction is encouraged. 10 hours studio. Prerequisite: IND 361.

IND 470 Professional Practice for Industrial Design. (3) F
Business procedures, management techniques, accounting systems, ethics, and legal responsibilities of the design professions. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: senior standing. General Studies: L2.

IND 474 Design Seminar. (3) S
Manufacturer’s liability, statutes, regulations, and common law rules; role of expert witnesses; insurance and product safety programs. Seminar. Prerequisite: senior standing.

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