Library Science (LIS)

LIS 410 Children’s Literature. (3) F, S, SS
Selecting, analyzing, and using modern and classic literature with young readers.

LIS 510 Computers and Technology in the School Library. (3) F
Library uses of technology and computers. Fundamental concepts and issues in library media centers. Prerequisites: LIS 571 and 581 or instructor approval.

LIS 533 Current Library Problems. (3) F
Critical analysis of current practices and problems in school librarianship. Prerequisites: LIS 540 and 561 and 571 and 581 or instructor approval.

LIS 540 Classification and Cataloging. (3) F
Descriptive cataloging and Dewey Decimal Classification of print and nonprint library materials.

LIS 561 Selection of Library Materials. (3) F
Principles and procedures used in the selection of materials for the school library.

LIS 563 Children’s Literature. (3) F, S, SS
Selecting and using children’s literature and related nonprint media to support the elementary school curriculum. Cross-listed as RDG 563. Credit is allowed only for LIS 563 or RDG 563.

LIS 565 Literature for Hispanic Youth/Literatura para Jóvenes Hispanoparlantes. (3) S
Selecting, analyzing, and utilizing literature for Hispanic and Spanish speaking children and adolescents. Cross-listed as BLE 565. Credit is allowed only for BLE 565 or LIS 565.

LIS 571 Basic Reference Resources. (3) S
Providing reference service in the school library. Content and use of basic resources.

LIS 581 School Library Administration. (3) S
Administration of K–12 libraries and media centers.

LIS 584 School Library Internship. (1–6) F, S
Prerequisites: LIS 410, 540, 561, 571, 581; instructor approval.

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