Educational Policy Studies (SPF)

SPF 111 Exploration of Education. (3) F, S
Education as an instrument in the development of the individual and society, and its significance as an American institution.

SPF 301 Culture and Schooling. (3) F, S
For the professional teacher preparation program: an overview of the cultural, social, and political milieus in which formal schooling takes place in the United States. For education majors only. General Studies: L2.

SPF 401 Theory and Practice in Education. (1–2) F, S
For the professional teacher preparation program. The analysis and interpretation of classroom behavior from perspectives derived from philosophy, social science, and law. Prerequisite: education major.

SPF 501 Culture and Schooling. (3) F, S
Introduction to social science concepts of culture and the cultural milieu in which schooling takes place in the United States. Lecture, recitation.

SPF 510 Introduction to Organization and Administration of American Public Schools. (3) F, S
Organizational structure and administration of public education are explored through the application of legal and ethical concepts and relevant information of the social sciences. Cross-listed as EDA 510. Credit is allowed only for EDA 510 or SPF 510.

SPF 511 School and Society. (3) F, S, SS
Interrelationship of school and society and the role of education in social change.

SPF 520 Cultural Diversity in Education. (3) S
Philosophic and sociological investigation of cultural diversity in the United States and how it relates to education.

SPF 533 Comparative Education in the Western World. (3) N
Educational practices and traditions in the leading nations of Europe and the Soviet Union.

SPF 544 Philosophical Foundations of Education. (3) F
Theories of education in ancient, medieval, and modern classical and contemporary philosophies.

SPF 566 History of Education. (3) S
Development of educational institutions and ideas in the Western World, from ancient times to the 20th century.

SPF 612 Evaluation Theory. (3) F
Explores the major theories of evaluation (inquiry leading to value judgments) in educational policy through examination of cases.

SPF 622 Organizational Theory. (3) S
Major views of organizations and their influence on role definition and participant behaviors in educational organization. Seminar, discussion. Cross-listed as HED 688. Credit is allowed only for HED 688 or SPF 622.

SPF 711 Social and Historical Foundations of Education. (3) N
Problems of American education and their sociohistorical context.

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