Statistics and Probability (STP)

STP 226 Elements of Statistics. (3) F, S, SS
Basic concepts and methods of statistics, including descriptive statistics, significance tests, estimation, sampling, and correlation. Not open to majors in mathematics or the physical sciences. Prerequisite: MAT 114 or 117 or equivalent. General Studies: N2.

STP 326 Intermediate Probability. (3) F, S
Probability models and computations, joint and conditional distributions, moments, and families of distributions. Topics in stochastic processes, simulation, and statistics. Prerequisite: MAT 210 or equivalent. General Studies: N2.

STP 420 Introductory Applied Statistics. (3) F, S, SS
Introductory probability, descriptive statistics, sampling distributions, parameter estimation, tests of hypotheses, chi-square tests, regression analysis, analysis of variance, and nonparametric tests. Prerequisite: MAT 117 or equivalent. General Studies: N2.

STP 421 Probability. (3) F
Laws of probability, combinatorial analysis, random variables, probability distributions, expectations, moment generating functions, transformations of random variables, and central limit theorem. Prerequisites: MAT 300 and STP 420 or equivalents.

STP 425 Stochastic Processes. (3) S
Markov chains, stationary distributions, pure jump processes, 2D order processes, and other topics in stochastic processes. Prerequisites: MAT 342; STP 421.

STP 427 Mathematical Statistics. (3) S
Limiting distributions, interval estimation, point estimation, sufficient statistics, and tests of hypotheses. Prerequisite: STP 421.

STP 429 Experimental Statistics. (3) S
Statistical inference for controlled experimentation. Multiple regression, correlation, analysis of variance, multiple comparisons, and nonparametric procedures. Prerequisite: STP 420 or equivalent. General Studies: N3.

STP 525 Advanced Probability. (3) N
Measure-theoretic foundations of probability, distribution functions and characteristic functions, laws of large numbers and central limit theorems, conditional probabilities, martingales, and topics in stochastic processes. Prerequisites: MAT 571 and STP 421 or instructor approval.

STP 526 Theory of Statistical Linear Models. (3) F
Multinormal distribution, distribution of quadratic forms, full and nonfull rank models, generalized inverses, unbalanced data, variance components, and the large sample theory. Prerequisites: STP 427; knowledge of matrix algebra.

STP 530 Applied Regression Analysis. (3) F
Method of least squares, simple and multiple linear regression, polynomial regression, analysis of residuals, dummy variables, and model building. Prerequisite: STP 420 or equivalent.

STP 531 Applied Analysis of Variance. (3) S
Factorial designs, balanced and unbalanced data, fixed and random effects, randomized blocks, Latin squares, analysis of covariance, and multiple comparisons. Prerequisite: STP 420 or equivalent.

STP 532 Applied Nonparametric Statistics. (3) F
One sample test, tests of 2 or more related or independent samples, measures of correlation, and tests of trend and dependence. Prerequisite: STP 420 or equivalent.

STP 533 Applied Multivariate Analysis. (3) S
Discriminant analysis, principal components, factor analysis, cluster analysis, and canonical correlation. Prerequisite: STP 420 or equivalent.

STP 534 Applied Discrete Data Analysis. (3) N
Models for discrete and count data, measures of association, and log-linear and regression models for contingency tables. Prerequisite: STP 420 or equivalent.

STP 535 Applied Sampling Methodology. (3) S
Simple random, stratified, cluster sampling; variance estimation in complex surveys; nonparametric superpopulation approaches; nonresponse models; computational methods. Prerequisite: STP 420 or equivalent.

STP 591 Seminar. (1–3) N
Topics may be selected from the following:

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