Chicana and Chicano Studies (CSH)

CSH 210 Chicana and Chicano Poetry. (3) S
Writing seminar on Chicana and Chicano poetics and intensive creative writing workshop. Workshop, seminar.

CSH 220 Chicana and Chicano Cultural Expression. (3) A
Interrelation between economic, social and political status and forms of artistic expression, i.e., music, dance, drama, literature, and graphic arts.

CSH 310 Chicana and Chicano Folklore. (3) A
Analysis of Chicana and Chicano folk beliefs, traditions, and practices. General Studies: HU, C.

CSH 350 Mexican and Mexican American Artistic Production. (3) A
Overview of Mexican and Mexican American artistic production from colonial times to present; emphasis on religious and folk art.

CSH 351 Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art. (3) A
Intensive analysis of contemporary Chicana and Chicano art movement as appraised within the context of contemporary American art and the art of Mexico. General Studies: HU, C.

CSH 363 Chicana and Chicano Literature. (3) F
Development of Chicana and Chicano literature; study of genres and themes; attention to literary antecedents. Cross-listed as ENG 363. Credit is allowed for only CSH 363 or ENG 363. General Studies: L2/HU, C.

CSH 485 Chicana Writers. (3) A
Critical reading of Mexican American women authors; emphasis on contemporary (post-1970) poetry, novels, short stories, and essays. General Studies: L2/HU, C.

CSH 498 PS: Pro-Seminar. (3) A
Required course for majors on topic selected by instructor; writing intensive course related to the development of interdisciplinary research skills.

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