Electronics Engineering Technology (EET)

EET 205 Electronic Devices and Circuits. (4) F, S
Active device characteristics, models, and basic circuit analysis. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: ETC 201.

EET 208 Electric Circuit Analysis I. (4) F, S
Electrical models, AC/DC steady-state analysis of first and second order systems. Circuit theorems. Three-phase circuits. Lecture, lab. Pre- or corequisite: MAT 261.

EET 301 Electric Circuit Analysis II. (4) F, S
Analysis of continuous-time signals and linear systems of using Laplace and Fourier response of circuits. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: EET 208. Pre- or corequisite: MAT 262.

EET 304 Microwave Technology. (4) A
Theory and applications of waveguides, transmission lines, impedance measurements and matching, microwave components, antennas, and fiber optics. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: EET 301.

EET 310 Electronic Circuits I. (4) F, S
Multistage amplifier, analysis, and design using models and computer simulation. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: EET 208.

EET 372 Communication Systems. (4) F, S
Systems analysis and design of AM, FM, PCM, and SSB communication systems. Noise and distortion performance of communication systems. Lecture, lab. Pre- or corequisites: EET 301, 310.

EET 396 Professional Orientation. (1) F, S
Technical, professional, economic, and ethical aspects of electronics/computer engineering technology practice and industrial organization. Lecture, projects. Prerequisite: junior standing.

EET 401 Digital Filters and Applications. (3) S
Analysis and design of digital filters. Time frequency and Z-transform techniques and waveform analysis. Computer applications. Prerequisites: EET 301; MAT 262.

EET 406 Control System Technology. (4) S
Control system components, analysis of feedback control systems, stability, performance, and application. Lecture, lab, computer simulations. Prerequisites: EET 301; MAT 262.

EET 407 Energy Conversion and Applications. (4) F
Electricity, magnetism, mechanics, heat and units, and three-phase circuits. Electrical machines, transformers, generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical energy. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: EET 208.

EET 410 Electronic Circuits II. (3) F, S
Analysis and design of OP-amps, power amplifiers, and digital logic families. Feedback design using frequency response. Computer analysis and design. Prerequisites: EET 301, 310.

EET 420 Analog Filters and Applications. (3) A
Active and passive analog filter design. Frequency domain approximations, computer simulations using PSPICE. Lecture, lab. Prerequisites: EET 301, 410.

EET 422 Electronic Switching Circuits. (4) A
Analysis and design of electronic circuits operating in a switching mode. Waveshaping, timing, and logic. Computer simulation. Lecture, lab. Prerequisites: CET 350; EET 301, 310.

EET 430 Instrumentation Systems. (4) F
Measurement principles and instrumentation, techniques. Signal and error analysis. Lecture, lab. Prerequisites: EET 301, 310.

EET 440 Electrical Power Systems Technology. (4) S
Principles and analysis of rotating machines, transformers, and related control equipment. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: EET 407.

EET 460 Power Electronics. (4) S
Analysis of circuits for control and conversion of electrical power and energy. Lecture, lab. Prerequisites: EET 301, 310, 407.

EET 470 Communication Circuits. (4) S
Analysis and design of passive and active communication circuits. Coupling networks, filters, and impedance matching. Modulation and demodulation techniques. Computer solutions. Lecture, lab. Prerequisites: EET 372; MAT 262.

EET 478 Fiber Optic Communications. (3) S
Fiber optic communication systems analysis and design. Study of fiber optic waveguides, light sources, light detectors, noisy light signal detection. Prerequisites: EET 372; MAT 262.

EET 482 Industrial Practice: Internship/Co-op. (1–4) F, S, SS
Specially assigned or approved activities in electronic industries or institutions. Report required. May be repeated for up to a maximum of 10 credits. Prerequisites: Electronics Engineering Technology major; junior or senior standing.

EET 490 Electronics Project. (1–4) F, S, SS
Individual or small group projects in applied electronics, with emphasis on laboratory practice or hardware solutions to practical problems. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

EET 494 ST: Special Topics. (3) F, S
(a)Data Analysis

EET 500 Research/Writing. (2) F, S
Designed to help master’s students develop their projects and write the first three chapters of their projects. Lecture, seminar. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

EET 501 Digital Signal Processing and Applications I. (3) F
Applications of discrete-time signals and systems, design of IIR and FIR filters using computer-aided design techniques. Prerequisites: EET 401 (or instructor approval); MAT 262.

EET 502 Digital Signal Processing and Applications II. (3) S
Application of FFT, fundamentals of probability theory and random processes, and quantization effects in digital filters. Prerequisite: EET 501.

EET 506 System Dynamics and Control. (3) S
Time, frequency, and transform domain analysis of physical systems. Transfer function analysis of feedback control systems performance and stability. Compensation. Prerequisites: EET 301, 501 (or MAT 262).

EET 508 Digital Real-Time Control. (3) A
Sample data control techniques and applications to process control. Prerequisites: CET 354; EET 406.

EET 510 Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications. (3) F
Analysis, design, and application of linear integrated circuits and systems. Prerequisites: CET 350; EET 301, 310.

EET 522 Digital Integrated Circuits and Applications. (3) S
Analysis, design, and application of integrated circuits and systems. Prerequisites: CET 350; EET 301, 310.

EET 530 Electronic Test Systems and Applications. (3) F
Analysis, design, and application of electronic test equipment, test systems, specifications, and documentation. Prerequisites: CET 354; EET 301, 310.

EET 540 Electrical Power Systems. (3) S
Electrical power system analysis, transmission, distribution, instrumentation, protection and related system components. Prerequisites: EET 301, 407.

EET 560 Industrial Electronics and Applications. (3) S
Analysis, design, and application of special electronic devices and systems to industrial control, power, communications, and processes. Prerequisites: CET 350; EET 301, 310, 407.

EET 574 Microwave Amplifier-Circuits Design. (3) F
Analysis and design of microwave amplifier-circuits using s-parameter theory and computer-aided design. Prerequisites: EET 304, 470.

EET 576 Modern Telecommunication Systems. (3) F
Applied design and integration of microwave and satellite communication systems. Prerequisites: CET 473 and MAT 262 or instructor approval.

EET 578 Digital Filter Hardware Design. (3) S
Hardware design of FIR and IIR filters, including adaptive filters, based on DSP chips. Develop new applications using DSP microprocessor systems. Prerequisites: CET 354; EET 401.

EET 579 Digital Image Communication. (3) S
Image capture, transform, compression, storage, and transmission. Computer environment (software and hardware) is provided to emphasize the practical aspect. Prerequisite: EET 401 or instructor approval.

EET 591 Graduate Seminar. (1) N

EET 593 Applied Project. (3) N

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