Industrial Technology Management (ITM)

ITM 343 Occupational Safety and Ergonomics. (3) F
Health and safety movement, accident theories and effects, OSHA standards and liability, safeguarding, hazards, workers’ compensation, ergonomics, and safety. Prerequisite: junior standing.

ITM 344 Industrial Organization. (3) S
Industrial organization concepts. Topics relate to industrial relations, governmental regulations, organizational structure, labor relations, human factors, and current industrial practices. Prerequisite: IMC 346.

ITM 345 Public Sector Management. (3) F, S
Management in government and public agencies. Includes mission, planning and organizing to provide services, human resource issues, conflict resolution, coordination. Prerequisite: junior standing.

ITM 402 Industrial Laws, Contracts, and Regulations. (3) F
Review of city, state, county, and federal laws that affect industrial and construction operations, materials, supplies, and acquisition procedures. Prerequisite: IMC 346.

ITM 430 Ethical Issues in Technology. (3) S
Topics in social responsibility for industrial technology and engineering. Prerequisite: IMC 346.

ITM 440 Introduction to International Business. (3) S
International business principles and operations, including partnerships, trade agreements, currency issues, international sales, and cultural differences between countries. Prerequisite: IMC 346. General Studies: G.

ITM 445 Industrial Internship. (1–10) F, S, SS
Work experience assignment in industry commensurate with student’s program. Specialized instruction by industry with university supervision. Pass/fail. Prerequisites: advisor approval; junior standing; 2.50 GPA.

ITM 451 Materials Control. (3) N
Activities of material handling, including purchasing, receiving, warehousing, traffic, plant layout, inventory, and production control and shipping relating to technical procedures. Prerequisites: IMC 346; ITM 343.

ITM 452 Industrial Human Resource Management. (3) F
Concepts and practices of human resource management in a global industrial environment. Prerequisite: IMC 346.

ITM 453 Safety Management. (3) N
Development and management of safety programs, education and training, and relationships within an organization. Prerequisite: ITM 343 or instructor approval.

ITM 455 Industrial Marketing Concepts. (3) N
Customer and sales strategies for industrial organizations, including current practice and future planning. Prerequisites: ECN 111; IMC 346; junior standing.

ITM 456 Introduction to Organized Labor. (3) S
Introduction to labor relations, unions, federations, collective bargaining, grievances, and labor legislation. Prerequisites: IMC 346; ITM 344.

ITM 461 Operations Management. (3) F
Introduction to supervisory principles as applied to production of goods and services. Prerequisites: IMC 346; ITM 344.

ITM 480 Organizational Effectiveness. (3) S
Human aspects of supervisory behavior in the industrial setting and how they influence efficiency, morale, and organizational practices. Prerequisite: IMC 346.

ITM 501 Managerial Economics. (3) N
Basic managerial economic tools and techniques applied to unique concerns of scientifically intensive firms operating in rapidly evolving industrial sectors.

ITM 502 Financial Management. (3) N
Examination of corporate financial and managerial accounting systems, budgeting, and financial policy, using microcomputers to analyze, forecast, and report information.

ITM 503 Marketing Management. (3) N
Modern methods and industrial case studies of planning, pricing, promoting and distributing, goods and services in the global marketplace. Prerequisites: ITM 480 (or equivalent); instructor approval.

ITM 504 Law and Ethics for Technical Professionals. (3) N
Analysis of legal and ethical framework for making managerial decisions in the corporate environment of engineering- and technology-related industries.

ITM 520 Strategic Management of Technology. (3) N
Analysis of entrepreneurial dynamics and technology development, methods of research and development management, new technology implementation, and start-up organization. Prerequisites: ITM 480 (or equivalent); instructor approval.

ITM 540 International Management. (3) N
Practices and procedures for effective management of multinational business organizations, including partnerships, joint ownerships, and global subsidiaries.

ITM 548 Quantitative Research Methods. (3) F, S
Use of statistical techniques to analyze and interpret data. Concentration on computerized statistical software and practical applications. Prerequisite: STP 420.

ITM 549 Research Techniques and Applications. (3) F, S
Selection of research problems, analysis of literature, individual investigations, preparing reports, and proposal writing. Prerequisite: STP 420 or equivalent.

ITM 550 Industrial Training and Development. (3) N
Training techniques and learning processes. Planning, developing, evaluating, and managing industrial and governmental programs. Prerequisite: ITM 480.

ITM 552 Global Management Philosophies. (3) N
Analysis and comparison of significant supervision philosophies developed in various industrial nations and their potential application in the United States.

ITM 560 Managerial Decision Making. (3) F
Analysis of common decision-making bias and techniques to overcome them. Uses both subjective quantitative decision tools and computerized decision aids.

ITM 570 Advanced Project Management. (3) S
Planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling staff and project groups to accomplish the project objective.

ITM 593 Applied Project. (1–12) N

ITM 598 ST: Special Topics. (1–4) N
(a)Quantitative Research Analysis

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