Educational Media and Computers (EMC)

EMC 503 Current Issues and Problems in Media/Computer Education. (3)
fall only
Introduction to current theory and practice in instructional media and computers. Overview of production areas.

EMC 506 Computer Graphics and Animation. (3)
fall and spring only
Study and application of design and animation techniques for use in video or computer-based presentations. Lecture, lab.

EMC 513 Introduction to Multimedia. (3)
fall and spring only
Introduction to multimedia, emphasizing applications for business, industry, and public and higher education.

EMC 522 Evaluating Computer Materials. (3)
fall only
Selection, utilization, design, and evaluation of instructional computer material. Focus on learning theory, criteria for evaluating educational software.

EMC 524 Imaging Technology. (3)
fall, spring, summer
Use of optical scanning and digital data manipulation of photographs for use in educational presentations and publications.

EMC 532 Desktop Publishing. (3)
fall and summer only
Design and production of educational materials using computer-based word processing, graphics, and page layout programs. Lecture, lab.

EMC 535 Interactive Video. (3)
spring only
Use of various authoring systems and support programs to assist in the design and production of regular and repurposed interactive video. Lecture, lab.

EMC 637 Computers in Elementary School Curriculum. (3)
summer only
Experiences with educational uses of computers; computer awareness, family/societal impact, classroom applications/software, and curriculum development.

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