Engineering Technology Core (ETC)

ETC 100 Languages of Technology. (4)
fall and spring only
Introduction to computer-aided design, programming, modeling, and technical documentation. Lecture, lab.
General Studies: CS

ETC 191 First-Year Seminar. (1–3)
not regularly offered

ETC 194 Special Topics. (1–4)
not regularly offered

ETC 201 Applied Electrical Science. (4)
fall, spring, summer
Principles of electricity, passive elements, and AC/DC circuit analysis. Laboratory exploration of circuits using instrumentation and the computer as tools. Lecture, lab. Prerequisites: ETC 100; MAT 170; PHY 112, 114.

ETC 211 Applied Engineering Mechanics: Statics. (3)
fall and spring only
Vectors, forces and moments, force systems, equilibrium, analysis of basic structures and structural components, friction, centroids, and moments of inertia. Prerequisites: MAT 260; PHY 111, 113.

ETC 340 Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer. (3)
fall and spring only
Thermodynamic systems and processes, first and second laws of thermodynamics, properties of pure substances, and applications to heat engines and special systems. Fundamentals of conduction, radiation, and convection. Prerequisites: MAT 261; PHY 112, 114.

ETC 492 Honors Directed Study. (1–6)
not regularly offered

ETC 493 Honors Thesis. (1–6)
not regularly offered

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