Honors (HON)

HON 171 The Human Event. (3)
fall and spring only
Landmarks in the social and intellectual development of the human race, with emphasis on Western civilization. Enrollment restricted to members of the Barrett Honors College. Consult the college for applicability to disciplinary college distribution requirements.
General Studies: L/HU, H

HON 172 The Human Event. (3)
fall and spring only
Continuation of HON 171, with emphasis on the Renaissance through the modern period.
General Studies: L/HU, H

HON 371 Freedom and Authority. (3)
fall and spring only
Historical overview of concepts of liberty, responsibility, and power in Western societies, emphasizing 18th- to 20th-century developments. Seminar.

HON 374 Black and White Atlantic. (3)
fall and spring only
Examination of development (18th- to 20th-century) and cultural manifestations of Black/White race relations within the U.S. and between the U.S. and other nations. Seminar.

HON 394 Special Topics. (3)
fall, spring, summer

HON 485 Biosphere 2—Study Opportunity. (1–18)
fall and spring only
For students participating in the ASU-sponsored program at Biosphere 2.

HON 493 Honors Thesis. (1–6)
not regularly offered
General Studies: L

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