Learning and Instructional Technology (LNT)

LNT 510 Essentials of Classroom Learning. (3)
fall, spring, summer
Theoretical and empirical foundations of learning in the classroom milieu. Critical exposure to research and method in instructional psychology. Cross-listed as EDP 510. Credit is allowed for only EDP 510 or LNT 510.

LNT 520 Development of Technology-Based Interactive Instruction. (3)
spring only
Procedures for developing effective instructional and training programs for delivery by computer. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: EDT 502.

LNT 540 Theoretical Views of Learning. (3)
fall and spring only
Classical and cognitive theories of learning, plus recent orientations. Illustrative experimental and rational foundations; implications for educational practice. Cross-listed as EDP 540. Credit is allowed for only EDP 540 or LNT 540.

LNT 542 The Psychology of Learning and Instruction. (3)
spring only
Critical review and evaluation of research on learning variables relevant to acquisition and retention of instructional materials. Lab. Cross-listed as EDP 542. Credit is allowed for only EDP 542 or LNT 542.

LNT 545 Foundational Studies in Language and Learning. (3)
spring only
Historical developments in research relating cognitive models to the instructional process in language learning. Prerequisites: EDP 552; LNT 540 or instructor approval.

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