Landscape Architecture (PLA)

PLA 101 Landscape and Society. (3)
fall only
Examination of interrelationship between society and the landscape with emphasis on human involvement in shaping the landscape.
General Studies: HU, G

PLA 161 Graphic Communication. (3)
fall and spring only
Development of drawing skills and understanding of the graphic communication systems used by planning, homebuilding, and landscape architecture professions. Studio. Cross-listed as HUD 161/PUP 161. Credit is allowed for only HUD 161 or PLA 161 or PUP 161.

PLA 222 Computers in Landscape Architecture. (3)
spring only
Computer applications in landscape architecture including CAD, GIS, graphics, and visualization. Lab.
General Studies: CS

PLA 240 Landscape Survey Techniques. (3)
fall only
Development of landscape survey skills including aerial photography, satellite images, geo-referencing, landscape surveys, and field data collection. Lecture, lab.

PLA 242 Landscape Construction I. (4)
spring only
Landscape constructions focusing on landform transformations. Topics include landform analysis, grading, and earthwork. Studio. Prerequisite: admission to professional program.

PLA 261 Landscape Architecture I. (4)
fall only
Landscape communication: communication techniques for urban planning and landscape architecture. Studio. Prerequisites: ADE 120; GPH 111.

PLA 262 Landscape Architecture II. (4)
fall only
Reading the landscape: observing, experiencing, and graphically expressing the symbolic and aesthetic significance of natural landscapes. Prerequisites: ADE 120; PLA 261; admission to professional program.

PLA 310 History of Landscape Architecture. (3)
fall only
Physical record of human attitudes toward the land. Ancient through contemporary landscape planning and design. Cross-listed as APH 411. Credit is allowed for only APH 411 or PLA 310.
General Studies: H

PLA 311 Contemporary Landscape Architecture. (3)
fall only
Exploration of concerns, projects, and movements in landscape architecture of late 20th-century understanding social, ecological, regional, and historical influences.

PLA 322 Computers in Planning. (3)
spring only
Planning methods using database, word processors, spreadsheets, CAD, and mapping packages on microcomputers. Lecture, lab. Cross-listed as PUP 322. Credit is allowed for only PLA 322 or PUP 322.

PLA 344 Landscape Construction II. (4)
fall only
Characteristics of materials and methods used in landscape architectural construction. Studio. Prerequisite: PLA 242 or instructor approval.

PLA 345 Professional Practice Seminar. (1)
spring only
Landscape architecture practice including contracts, project and office management, liability, licensing, and professional development.

PLA 361 Landscape Architecture III. (4)
fall only
Site planning: analysis of natural and cultural features; site systems and implications for plan making and design. Studio. Fee or deposit. Prerequisite: admission to professional program.

PLA 362 Landscape Architecture IV. (4)
spring only
Site design: site specific design of configured space by the creative development of form. Studio. Fee or deposit. Prerequisite: admission to professional program.

PLA 363 Landscape Planting Design. (4)
spring only
Functional and aesthetic use of plants in arid region landscape design. Design philosophies are explored through planting design problems. Studio. Prerequisite: admission to professional program.

PLA 410 Social Factors in Landscape and Urban Planning. (3)
fall only
Examination of the influence of social factors in landscape architecture and urban planning.

PLA 411 Landscape Architecture Theory and Criticism. (3)
spring only
Landscape architecture theories and projects are critically analyzed to evaluate validity of design and contribution to society. Prerequisites: PLA 310, 361, 362, 420, 461.
General Studies: L

PLA 412 Landscape Ecology and Planning. (3)
spring only
Review of the evolution of landscape ecology and landscape planning and examination of use and value.

PLA 413 Southwest Landscape Interpretation. (3)
spring only
Explorations in methods and implications of landscape interpretation within the American Southwest.

PLA 420 Theory of Urban Design. (3)
spring only
Analysis of the visual and cultural aspects of urban design. Theories and techniques applied to selected study models. Prerequisite: junior standing.
General Studies: HU

PLA 446 Landscape Construction III. (3)
spring only
Landscape construction focusing on low technology, biotechnical, regional, and experimental techniques or systems. Lecture, studio.

PLA 461 Landscape Architecture V. (4)
fall only
Landscape ecological planning: collection and application of ecological data relevant to planning and design at landscape scale. Studio. Fee or deposit. Prerequisite: PLA 362.

PLA 462 Landscape Architecture VI. (4)
spring only
Advanced landscape architecture: integrative capstone studio with multifaceted design problems. Fee or deposit. Prerequisite: PLA 461.

PLA 484 Internship. (1–12)
fall, spring, summer (summer session 1 only)
Full-time internship under the supervision of practitioners in the Phoenix area or other locales. Credit/no credit. Prerequisite: school major or instructor approval.

PLA 485 International Field Studies in Planning and Landscape Architecture. (1–12)
fall, spring, summer
Organized field study of planning and landscape architecture in specified international locations. May be repeated for credit with school approval. Study abroad. Cross-listed as PUP 485. Credit is allowed for only PLA 485 or PUP 485.
General Studies: G

PLA 494 Special Topics. (1–4)
fall and spring only
Possible topics:
(a)Plant Materials. (3)

PLA 498 Pro-Seminar. (1–7)
spring only
Possible topics:
(a)Professional Senior Seminar. (1)

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