Society, Values, and Technology (STE)

STE 194 Special Topics. (1–4)
fall only
Possible topics:
(a)Engineering for Undecided. (2)

STE 201 Introduction to Bioengineering. (3)
fall only
Impact of bioengineering on society. Developing an awareness of the contributions of bioengineering to solve medical and biological problems. Cross-listed as BME 201. Credit is allowed for only BME 201 or STE 201. Prerequisite: ENG 101 (or 105) or 102 or 108.
General Studies: L

STE 208 Patterns in Nature. (4)
fall and spring only
Project-oriented science course with computer training to develop critical thinking, and technical skills for student-oriented science lessons K–12. Lecture, lab. Cross-listed as PHS 208. Credit is allowed for only PHS 208 or STE 208. Prerequisite: college-level science course or instructor approval.
General Studies: SQ

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