Academic Success at the University (UNI)

UNI 100 Academic Success at the University. (3)
fall, spring, summer
Orientation to campus resources, study skills, and other academic and social issues for college students. Introduction to an understanding of human diversity, values, and perspectives as they relate to student success. Lecture, seminar, discussion. Prerequisite: freshman or sophomore or transfer student standing.

UNI 101 Student Success Seminar. (1)
fall, spring, summer
Understanding human diversity, perspectives, and values as they relate to student success. Orientation to ASU resources, study skills, and academic and social issues for students. Seminar, discussion.

UNI 494 Special Topics. (1–4)
fall and spring only
Possible topics:
(a)Science is Magic Internship. (3)
Present science demonstrations to K–8 children at their schools. Interns are trained by personnel from the Center of Solid-State Science. This internship does not follow the format of the others.

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