ARCHIVE: Spring 2002
Environmental Analysis and Programming (ANP)

ANP 236 Introduction to Computer Modeling. (3)
fall and spring
Fundamentals of computer operation, geographic information systems, geometric modeling of three-dimensional forms and rendering of light, mathematical modeling of processes using spreadsheets. Lab. Prerequisite: major in the School of Architecture.
General Studies: CS

ANP 331 Programming for Design. (3)
Theory and methods for refracting “constraints” into opportunities for design excellence. Corequisite: ADE 322.

ANP 475 Computer Programming in Architecture. (3)
fall and spring
Computer programming for architectural problems and applications. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: CSE 183 (or its equivalent).

ANP 477 Computer Applications to Design Problems. (3)
Examines generic microcomputer software in solving architectural design problems. Emphasizes the logic of problem formulation. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

ANP 494 Special Topics. (1 – 4)
fall, spring, summer

ANP 500 Research Methods. (1 – 12)
Fee. Prerequisite: admission to graduate program. Corequisite: ANP 561.

ANP 530 Computer Graphics in Architecture. (3)
Fundamentals of computer graphics programming in architecture, including graphics hardware, device-independent packages, 2- and 3- dimensional transformations, and data structures. 2 hours lecture, 3 hours lab. Prerequisite: instructor approval. Corequisite: ANP 563.

ANP 561 Architectural Information Processing Systems. (3)
Applies information processing systems to architectural problems. Analyzes computing tools with respect to assumptions and theories. Lecture, lab. Prerequisite: admission to graduate program. Corequisite: ANP 500.

ANP 563 Methods in Architectural Design Computation. (3)
Concepts and models for research in computer-aided architectural design with an emphasis on computational methods and a system framework. Discussion, lab. Prerequisite: ANP 500 or instructor approval. Corequisite: ANP 530.

ANP 590 RC: Computer Programming and Architecture. (1 – 12)

ANP 598 Special Topics. (1 – 4)
fall or spring

ANP 599 Thesis. (1 – 12)
fall or spring

ANP 681 Project Development. (3)
Defines and elaborates major ideas for implementation in ADE 622 in relation to contemporary theory and practice. Seminar. Prerequisite with a grade of “C” or higher: ADE 522. Corequisites: AAD 551; ADE 621.

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