ARCHIVE: Spring 2002
Architecture Professional Studies (ARP)

ARP 451 Architecture Field Studies. (1 – 6)
not regularly offered
Organized field study of architecture in specified national and international locations. Credit/no credit. May be repeated with approval of director.

ARP 484 Clinical Internship. (1 – 3)
Full-time internship under the supervision of practitioners in the Phoenix area or other locales. Credit/no credit. Corequisite: ADE 421.

ARP 584 Clinical Internship. (1)
Structured practical experience following a contract or plan, supervised by faculty and practitioners. Prerequisite: admission to graduate program.

ARP 684 Professional Internship. (2 – 6)
Field experience in an architectural firm specializing in an area directly related to the student’s advanced study. Integrates theory and state-of-the-art practices. Credit/no credit. Prerequisite: admission to graduate program.

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