ARCHIVE: Spring 2002
Community Health Practice (CHP)

CHP 598 Special Topics. (1 – 4)
fall and spring
Possible topics:

(a)Community Assessment and Analysis. (3)
Provides training and experience in community assessment and analysis applicable to public health practice.
(b)Community/Public Health Nursing Theory and Role. (3)
Analyzes and synthesizes the theoretical and conceptual basis of community and public health nursing applicable to current and future nursing roles. Lecture, discussion, cooperative learning strategies.
(c)Introduction to Community Health Practice. (3)
First course in the community health practice and/or Nursing sequence. Introduces the definition, philosophy, history, and principles of public health as well as the organization and structure of public health agencies, and the core functions and essential public health services. Includes a focus on health promotion, disease prevention, and the social, cultural, and environmental factors that influence health, disease, and illness.
(d)Program Planning and Evaluation. (3)
Presents a systems approach in the planning of effective health services to meet the needs of communities. Builds on theory and principles from previous courses in this concentration including information related to health deficits, community assets, and organizational capacity. Applies planning, management, and evaluation theory in developing a viable, evidence-based plan in collaboration with community partners, organization, or policy makers. Plans include effective and culturally appropriate implementation strategies and utilize a state or national health objective as a framework for planning.

Prerequisite: admission to the graduate Nursing program or admission to the community health practice concentration of the Arizona graduate program in Public Health or instructor approval.

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