ARCHIVE: Spring 2002
Health Care Related (HCR)

HCR 210 Clinical Health Care Ethics. (3)
fall, spring, summer
Health care ethics emphasizing analysis and ethical decision making at clinical and health policy levels for health care professionals. Prerequisites: ENG 101, 102.
General Studies: HU

HCR 220 Health Care Organizations. (3)
fall and spring
Overview of United States health care delivery systems; financing, health policy, basic principles of budgeting, cost-benefit analysis, and resource management. Cross-listed as HSA 220. Credit is allowed for only HCR 220 or HSA 220. Prerequisites: both ENG 101 and 102 or only ENG 105.
General Studies: L

HCR 230 Culture and Health. (3)
fall and spring
Cultures of diverse groups and health/illness. Cross-cultural communication, awareness of own cultural influences, indigenous and alternative healing practices.
General Studies: C, G

HCR 240 Human Pathophysiology. (4)
fall and spring
Chemical, biologic, biochemical, and psychological processes used in study of structural and functional alterations in health with selected therapeutics. Prerequisites: BIO 201 and 202 and MIC 205 and 206 (or their equivalents).

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