ARCHIVE: Spring 2002
Mathematics Education (MTE)

MTE 180 Theory of Elementary Mathematics. (3)
fall, spring, summer
Number systems, intuitive geometry, elementary algebra, and measurement. Intended for prospective elementary school teachers. Fee. Prerequisite: MAT 117 (or its equivalent).

MTE 181 Theory of Elementary Mathematics. (3)
once a year
Continuation of MTE 180. Fee. Prerequisite: MTE 180 or instructor approval.

MTE 380 Arithmetic in the Elementary School. (3)
once a year
Historical numeration systems, overview of elementary number theory, including primes, factorization, divisibility, bases, modular systems, linear congruence, and continued fractions. Prerequisite: MTE 181 or instructor approval.

MTE 381 Geometry in the Elementary School. (3)
not regularly offered
Informal geometry, including concepts of length, area, volume, similarity, and congruence. Classification of figures, straightedge and compass constructions, and motion geometry. Prerequisite: MTE 380 or instructor approval.

MTE 482 Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Secondary School. (3)
Examines secondary school curricular material and analyzes instructional devices. Teaching strategies, evaluative techniques, diagnosis, and remediation and problem solving. Fee. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

MTE 483 Mathematics in the Secondary School. (3)
Topics in geometry, number theory, algebra, and analysis. Emphasis on unifying principles. Prerequisite: MAT 310 or instructor approval.

MTE 484 Theory of Elementary Mathematics Internship. (3)
fall and spring
Employs hands-on activities and manipulatives to advance mathematical understanding in second- to fourth-grade students.

MTE 494 Special Topics. (1 – 4)
fall and spring
Possible topics:

(a)Advanced Methods of Teaching Secondary Mathematics. (3)
Continuation of MTE 482. Prerequisite: MTE 482.

MTE 585 Modern Geometry for Teachers. (3)
once a year
Euclidean, projective, and non-Euclidean geometries. Fee. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

MTE 587 Analysis for Teachers. (3)
not regularly offered
Subject matter in mathematics appropriate for accelerated programs in secondary schools, including analytic geometry and calculus. Prerequisite: instructor approval.

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