ARCHIVE: Spring 2003
Analysis and Systems (ASE)

ASE 100 College Adjustment and Survival. (2)
fall and spring
Explores career goals and majors. Emphasizes organization and development of study skills, including time management, stress management, and use of the library.

ASE 194 Special Topics. (1 – 4)
Topics may include the following:

MEP Academic Success. (2)

ASE 399 Cooperative Work Experience. (1)
fall, spring, summer
Work periods with industrial firms or government agencies alternated with full-time course work. Not open to students from other colleges. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisites: 45 hours completed in major with 2.50 GPA; dean approval.

ASE 490 Project in Design and Development. (2 – 3)
fall, spring, summer
Individual project in creative design and synthesis. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: senior standing.

ASE 496 Professional Seminar. (0)
fall and spring
Topics of interest to students in the engineering special and interdisciplinary studies.

ASE 582 Linear Algebra in Engineering. (3)
Development and solution of systems of linear algebraic equations. Applications from mechanical, structural, and electrical fields of engineering. Prerequisite: MAT 242 (or its equivalent).

ASE 586 Partial Differential Equations in Engineering. (3)
Development and solution of partial differential equations in engineering. Applications in solid mechanics, vibrations, and heat transfer. Prerequisites: MAT 242, 274.

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Omnibus Courses. For an explanation of additional courses offered but not specifically listed, see “Omnibus Courses.”

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