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Computational Biosciences (CBS)

CBS 520 Modeling and Computational Biology. (4)
Key mathematical and computational techniques for bioinformatics. Numerical and visualization software; scripting, database management. Lecture, computing lab. Prerequisites: both MAT 271 and 274 (or 275) or only instructor approval.

CBS 521 Applications and Complex Problem Solving in Computational Biology. (4)
Continuation of CBS 520. Key mathematical concepts. Team solution of bioinformatics applications, project writing, and presentation. Lecture, computing lab. Prerequisite: CBS 520 or instructor approval.

CBS 530 Introduction to Structural and Molecular Biology. (4)
Structure and function of cells, proteins, membranes, and the genome; gene expression and biogenesis of structures; application of computer imaging. Cross-listed as PLB 530. Credit is allowed for only CBS 530 or PLB 530. Prerequisites: one year of biology; one semester of organic chemistry.

CBS 584 Internship. (6)
selected semesters
Internship with a local biotechnical/biomedical group culminating in a written and/or oral representation.

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Omnibus Courses. For an explanation of additional courses offered but not specifically listed, see “Omnibus Courses.”

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