Catalog Review Process and Checklist

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Catalog Review Process 2023-2024

The catalog review of Degree Search content is conducted in PeopleSoft. The most important areas of the site to be aware of are:

  • Catalog Review Summary – all program forms for your school, department or org
  • the tabs at the top of each program:
    PeopleSoft Catalog Workflow Tabs

    Catalog Review Workflow --- This tab allows you to see any comments made by prior reviewers and move the program forward or back in the workflow.
    Catalog Review Compare --- This tab allows you to see changes that have been made by prior reviewers.
    Catalog Review Update --- This tab allows you to edit all program information.
    Catalog Review View --- This tab allows you to see all program information.

These areas will serve as your primary navigation resources as you review programs during the catalog review.


Approval Workflows

Below is the approval workflow for programs going through the catalog review process. Before program forms appear at the department review level, they must be launched into the workflow by an originator. All review levels --- originator, department and college review leaders --- are able to make changes. Colleges and schools are given the flexibility choose the originator/department/college review process that works best for their needs.

Workflow: Undergraduate Programs, Minors and Undergraduate Certificates

Workflow process - undergraduate

Workflow: Graduate Programs and Graduate Certificates

Workflow process - graduate

Note: Programs can be sent back to a previous reviewer at any point in the workflow for questions, clarifications or corrections.


Step by Step Guide

The following is a step-by-step guide to completing the catalog review.

  1. Use Catalog Review Summary to view all programs that require your review, edits and approvals. You can also check the workflow status and last comment for any program here.
    Catalog Review Summary Page

  2. Click on the program you would like to review.
  3. Click Edit to review.
    PeopleSoft Catalog Review Edit button

  4. Edit the program as needed. See below for field-by-field information on the review.
  5. If you must leave a program in progress, please click SAVE to save your changes. If you do not click SAVE, your changes may be lost.
    PeopleSoft Save button
  6. When you are ready to move a program forward, click on the Catalog Review Workflow tab.
  7. Add a workflow comment: Comment on the proposal, ask for changes on fields that are locked to editing by the colleges (degree requirements, admission requirements, etc.), or ask questions. You may also review any previous comments here.
  8. Route Forward to Step: This means you approve the program and any changes and would like to move the program on to the next level. Select the next user in the workflow. You can also send a program back to anyone who has approved the program before you.

    At the originator level, you would select Dept/School Review.

    PeopleSoft Comments and Workflow Routing

    At the department/school review level, you would select College/School Review to move the program forward. You could also send the program back to the originator level if you had a question that required the originator’s input. Anyone in the workflow can make a change to a program, not just the originator.

Further notes

  • You’ll receive an email notification for each program that requires your review with any comments made by the previous reviewer.
  • You can view previous versions of the program from this review cycle and track changes using the Catalog Review Compare tab.
  • Even when you have changed the degree workflow state and submitted your program, you will still see it in your review summary. You can track its progress in the Current Step column.
  • To search for a specific program in the Catalog Review Summary, click Ctrl + f. You can also filter your results by selecting Catalog Review Advanced Search from the Catalog Review menu. This allows you to filter programs by department, type of plan, academic plan code or the current step in the process.
  • The provost’s office will send regular reports to Catalog Coordinators regarding the status of pending programs.
  • Each program must be approved by the catalog coordinator no later than Nov. 14, 2022.


Checklist for Program Review


Additional Resource

Step-by-step instructions for how to use the PeopleSoft review site (PDF)