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An overview of the pieces

The Academic Catalog review consists of several different components, each on their own platforms.

  • College academic policies are reviewed on this website:
  • DARS audit verifications are completed via internal process in your college. Please contact your DARS encoder for more information.
  • Degree Search textual content is reviewed in PeopleSoft:
  • Major Maps are reviewed using Build a Major Map: (Firefox works best).
  • Now that all Transfer Pathways are in MyPath2ASU™, Pathway Builder is no longer being used for review.


College academic policies review

College policies are available to view and edit at

Users must sign into the site by clicking on the sign in link on the upper-right corner of this website to view instructions and access the information they are required to review.

Catalog site sign-in


If pages are accessed while the user is not signed in, an Access Denied page will be encountered.

Catalog site access denied


DARS audit verification

Please work directly with your DARS encoder to ensure all DARS audit verifications are completed by the deadline.


Degree Search textual content review

Catalog Coordinators and others authorized to access the catalog review forms must sign into the PeopleSoft site to review the catalog content for Degree Search. This can be accessed by the link below or by the quicklinks at the top of the My ASU page:

  1. Login to (or from My ASU).
  2. Follow the path ASU Customizations --> ASU Admissions --> Catalog Review --> Catalog Review Summary. Only users who have approval permissions in the catalog review workflow will be able to access this page. It may help to add this path to the My Favorites PS section.

    PS header bar

  3. On your catalog review summary page, you will find all of the programs in your academic organization and which level they are at in the workflow. While all programs will show, you only need to focus on programs currently at your level that require your review and approval.

    PS Catalog Review Summary page

    When you click the link, you will be taken to the program form page in order to review and approve the program.

  4. To continue reviewing programs, please refer to the instructions on the Catalog Review Process and Guidelines page.


Major Maps

Major maps are reviewed in Build a Major Map. Users will find the best BAMM experience by using the Firefox browser. Additional BAMM training is provided on the Build a Major Map Training and Education Resources site


Transfer Pathways

Now that all Transfer Pathways are in MyPath2ASU™, Pathway Builder is no longer being used for review. Instead, Academic Credit Transfer Solutions will reach out to colleges when there is a new requirement or additional clarification needed.


Questions and assistance

Please feel free to contact us at or 480-727-3034 if you have any questions regarding the academic catalog and its review process.