Catalog coordinator contacts


The following catalog coordinators serve as the central point of contact and liaison between the assigned college and the provost office regarding the academic catalog information. They review, edit and approve the information provided to each college during the catalog review cycle; and inform the provost office of any additional corrections or additions that may be needed during the year.

Unit or College Coordinator Phone
Business, W. P. Carey School of

Nguyen Le (Undergraduate)

Jessica Gallagher (Graduate)



Design and the Arts, Herberger Institute Stephani Etheridge Woodson  
Engineering, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Sergio Quiros 7-5770
Global Futures, College of Lisa Murphy  5-7255
Global Management, Thunderbird School of Lena Booth  6-7061
Graduate College

Amanda Morales-Calderon

Sophia McGovern



Health Solutions, College of Kate Brown  
Honors - Barrett, the Honors College Alexandra Aragon 7-6993
Integrative Sciences and Arts, College of

Trisha Eardley

Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, New College of Morgan Johnson 3-3000
Journalism and Mass Communication, Walter Cronkite School of Alexis Weiler 6-2040
Law, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Daiv Glenn  5-4265
Liberal Arts and Sciences, The College of

Amanda Smith (Undergraduate)

Kyle Rader (Graduate)



Nursing & Health Innovation, Edson College of

Nancy Kiernan (Undergraduate)

Daniel Eckstrom (Graduate)



Public Service and Community Solutions, Watts College of Chris Hiryak 6-1396
Teachers College, Mary Lou Fulton Yolanda Baca 3-6380
University College Raquel Fong 5-4956